Undergraduate Courses

DT05017 Interactive Digital Technology & Design

Course code

  • DT05017

Course title(Chinese)

  • 交互数字媒体技术与设计

Course title(English)

  • Interactive Digital Technology & Design


  • 3


  • 48

Course description

This course should be conducted in the first semester in Year 1. The objective is to develop students’ interest on new technologies in the beginning stage of professional design education. Through studying Arduino, Processing and completing 2 assignments, students could handle typical software and hardware interactive prototyping techniques, develop their logic programming thinking in human computer interaction. Through teaching basic knowledge of sensors, signal processing,electrical engineering, Object-Oriented programming and other knowledge points following technical study, students could understand the “functional black box” of interactive products, encourage themselves to “do it ,test it” beyond “just concept”. They can exercise their good practice habits and deepen their understanding of the current social innovation trends such as open source hardware, maker and crowd-funding. The course requires students to correct their learning attitude, to clear their learning direction, and encourages them to expand their diversity in the next four years of learning.