Undergraduate Courses

GE15041 History of Western Art

Course code

  • GE15041

Course title(Chinese)

  • 西方美术史

Course title(English)

  • History of Western Art


  • 2


  • 32

Course description

This course introduces the history of Western art development, focusing on ancient Greek art, medieval art, the Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century art, and several important historical periods. Through the study of art history courses, students can understand the development of Western art. From the different periods of historical development, different regions and different ethnic groups, we can understand the evolution of Western art style and explore its roots.

The purpose is to Enrich students' artistic theory and to improve their artistic appreciation.

1Training of analytical skills

A comparative analysis of artistic works in different periods, understanding the process of the development and evolution of artistic style, understanding the relationship between artistic development and the times, regions and nationalities in different development periods, and mastering the laws of artistic development.

2、the cultivation of aesthetic taste

Through the study of this course, cultivate and improve students' ability to recognize the beauty of the form of art works, and clarify the relationship between the form and content of the work.

3the cultivation of expression skills

Mainly through homework and classroom discussions, learn to express their feelings and understanding of art works in a concise manner.