Undergraduate Courses

GE15043 Appreciation on Oil Painting

Course code

  • GE15043

Course title(Chinese)

  • 油画鉴赏

Course title(English)

  • Appreciation on Oil Painting


  • 2


  • 32

Course description

Appreciation on Oil Painting, a public elective course set by Hunan University, aims to develop students’ interest in art of oil painting as well as improve their aesthetic temperament. The course has sorted out main art schools, typical artist, important works, main artistic conception and artistic trend in the history of western fine arts , among which some significant works have been made a detailed analysis. Course content also includes:information about the art development status of world and China; acquaintance on fine arts phenomenon; appreciation on the story of famous painter as well as great works of oil painting.

The course requires students to master the aesthetic consciousness and cultural features of different ages, grasping the basic development law of fine arts so as to improve their self-cultivated quality and enrich knowledge reserve. Teaching style of the course: Applying classroom lectures combined with the performance of image data, video, pictures and related films to make students understand easily and get more interested in the contents. In addition, interacting with students in class, group discussion, asking students to present feeling and experience on the platform upon each summary finished are available and adoptable.