Undergraduate Courses

DT05002 Design Modeling

Course code

  • DT05002

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计模型

Course title(English)

  • Design Modeling


  • 3


  • 48


  • The Basis of Three-dimensional Form、Modeling Semantics and Situation

Course description

    This course is the core course of industrial design and product design,with Three-Dimensional Modeling Basis, Modeling Semantics and Situation as the leading courses, provides the basic design skills for product design and product development design courses.

This course includes an introduction to the design model, design model implementation, polyurethane foam model production, the production of ABS plate model, concept design model and the virtual model based on reverse engineering building. Students need to understand the design model of relevant theoretical knowledge, understand the role of design model in the process of product development, grasp the physical model making and the virtual model building, and according to the actual demand, use the design model to assist product design and development,etc. By learning this course, students learn to build physical model and the virtual model, get the technology ,method, exercise and the improvement of modeling capacity.