Undergraduate Courses

GE15040 Pen-and-ink Calligraphy

Course code

  • GE15040

Course title(Chinese)

  • 硬笔书法

Course title(English)

  • Pen-and-ink Calligraphy


  • 2


  • 32

Course description

This course is an elective course for all majors in the school. It mainly consists of two parts:the regular script and the cursive handwriting of Pen-and-ink Calligraphy. It contains: a brief history of the development of Chinese calligraphy, the training of regular script, the training of running hand, and the appreciation of contemporary pen calligraphy works. Calligraphy art has important practical and aesthetic functions. A large number of writing training and the appreciation of works by contemporary excellent calligraphers can constantly strengthen the accomplishment of Chinese studies and improve the ability of art appreciation.