Undergraduate Courses

DT04025 Design Management&Strategy

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计管理与战略

Course title(English)

  • Design Management&Strategy


  • 2

Course category

  • Design Core

Course description

This course is an optional course for industrial design majors. It takes the history of industrial design as the leading course and provides theoretical support for the related course study.

Students are required to understand the social function and the possible effects of industrial design, as well as the commercial architecture of industrial design;to understand the product concept, product innovation and product design business base on science development and business.They need to learn how to use the perspective of value chains to analyze, evaluate product base on operating mechanism of enterprises, industries and social.They will understand that the industrial design as a resource of the enterprise, has many presentation, task, and implementation techniques in the business activities of the company's research and development, production. That is, the course will systematically describe the organization, communication and operation of product design.