Undergraduate Courses

DT04016 Ergonomics

Course code

  • DT04016

Course title(Chinese)

  • 人机工程学

Course title(English)

  • Ergonomics


  • 2


  • 32


  • Morphology of  Product Design、Introduction to Design

Course description

Taking the three basic elements of Ergonomics:Human, Object (machine) and Environment as the theoretical framework, this course introduces the systematic theory of Ergonomics with "Human" as the core; teaches analytical methods and experimental skills; cultivates the comprehensive ability of combining theory with practice. It plays a theoretical guiding role in the cultivation of integrated design talents.Through the theory study and practice related to ergonomics,let students understand basic theoretical system of ergonomics,learn to discover problems existing in design from the basic principles and methods of ergonomics,and creatively propose the ergonomic solutions.The goal of this course is to enable students to be conscious of ergonomics in their design.