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DT04015 Career Development for Designer

Course code

  • DT04015

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计学科与职业发展

Course title(English)

  • Career Development for Designer


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  • 16

Course description

This course, targeting on the senior design students, introduces current trends and future outlook of design discipline, provides necessary guidance for students in their future career development and gives practical instructions in the upcoming graduation intern and graduation project. The major approach employed in this course is lecturing. Enable students to master the basic knowledge and common methods of career development planning, establish correct career ideals and career outlook, career choices, entrepreneurial outlook, form the ability of career planning, improve the consciousness of professional quality and professional ability, and make preparations for adapting to design, integrating into society, employment and entrepreneurship.Guide students to establish correct professional concepts and professional ideals, learn to develop career development plans according to social needs and characteristics, and use this to standardize and adjust their behaviors, and create conditions for smooth employment and entrepreneurship.