Undergraduate Courses

DT04014 Design Critics

Course code

  • DT04014

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计批评

Course title(English)

  • Design Critics


  • 2


  • 32


  • The History of Industrial Design、Introduction to Design

Course description

This course is a compulsory course designed for senior college student majored in Art&Design. It introduces the basic concepts, theories and methods of design criticism, involved some cutting-edge cultural studies fields of aesthetics (design aesthetics, the relationship between aesthetics, etc.), technical philosophy, sociology. Through this course, students will construct the basic value system about evaluation and criticism of contemporary design,and they can theoretically analyze various design phenomenon and the existing problems in current design from the academic level.Through this course, students will be able to discover the design problems, change the perceptual and empirical criticism habits and practices that only remain at the aesthetic and functional level in the past.lay the foundation for thinking about future design innovation, and provide more possibilities for creation. Let students think, study, and understand the importance of design from multiple perspectives, and learn more meaningfully through the study of relevant theoretical knowledge, which will have a more important impact on future design.