Undergraduate Courses

DT04013 Product Innovation Design

Course code

  • DT04013

Course title(Chinese)

  • 产品创意设计

Course title(English)

  • Product Innovation Design


  • 2


  • 32


  • Design Thinking and 3D Visualization、The Basis of Two-dimensional Form、The History of Industrial Design、Sketching

Course description

Product Innovation Design is a compulsory course for industrial design. The teaching content is based on the procedures and methods of product design. Through the research on the actual needs and potential needs of the target user groups, combined with the related elements of product function, shape, structure, materials and technology, the students' innovative thinking vision is opened to make them have the ability of Product Innovation Design.

The task of this course is to enable students to understand the theoretical basis and practical needs of Product Innovation Design, to understand and master the steps and methods of Product Innovation Design, and to guide students to apply their professional knowledge and skills through a complete project design,find design problems from daily life, and conduct targeted product design and development according to market demands, initially adapting to the whole process of product design. In terms of knowledge structure, learn the general procedures of product creative design and common research and design methods, and understand the relationship between product design and target consumer groups, environment, function, market and other factors.