Undergraduate Courses

DT04012 Design Ideation

Course code

  • DT04012

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计创意

Course title(English)

  • Design Ideation


  • 3


  • 48


  • The Basis of Two-dimensional Form、Design Thinking and 3D Visualization

Course description

Through various methods and a series of job training, the course aims to arouse students' design interest, cultivate students' basic design concepts and good creative design awareness, and establish a correct design thinking mode. Students will deeply understand the meaning of the design, cultivate the professional modeling ability combining the aesthetic form and the functional form, develop the potential of their creativity, and lay a good foundation for entering the professional course. By combining theoretical knowledge with design practice and analyzing some classic cases, the design process can be more easily understood. Let students build creative thinking, develop their creativity and inspire their passion for design.