Sun Jianzhong


Sun Jianzhong, engineer. Born in October 1964, he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University in July 1987 with a bachelor's degree in industrial design. Associate Dean of the School of Design of Hunan University, in charge of the administrative work of the college.

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Primary Duties Include:

  • Assist the dean to do daily administrative and personnel work, responsible for implementing the resolutions and regulations on administrative work at the two levels of the school, formulate job responsibilities and rules as well as regulations within the scope of management, strengthen management, ensure the smooth flow of government orders, and teach and research work. Conduct normally, develop an administrative work plan, and organize implementation;

  • Assist the dean to do a good job in the business assessment, attendance, rewards and punishments of the faculty and staff of the whole hospital;

  • In charge of the administrative office of the college, general affairs, security and other departments, continuously improve the political thinking and business level of service personnel, strengthen service awareness, improve service quality, and play a logistical role in ensuring teaching and scientific research;

  • Assist the trade unions in the welfare work and various collective activities of the faculty and staff;

  • Responsible for handling and completing other tasks assigned by the school and college.