Xiao Dihu


Xiao Dihu, professor. Born in February 1959, he graduated from the Mechanical Department of Hunan University in January 1982. Focus on product form and product design”, lectures he taught include “Product Form Design”, “Vehicle Design”.

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Main Research Directions

  1. Product Form Design: Research on shape recognition, function, semantics, emotional signs, product identification, brand construction and other issues in product form.

  2. Social Psychology of Design Art: Contemporary research about the mental state, psychological characteristics and cognition of design and culture in various groups of China.

  3. Design and Development of Equipment and Vehicle: Design and research of modern equipment and vehicles under green environmental protection.

Main Research and Design Projects

  1. 2009-2012 Sany Heavy Industry Crane Series Product Design

  2. 2011-2012 Sany Heavy Industry Mixer Series Product Design

  3. 2011-2013 Sany Port Machinery Series Product Design

  4. 2011-2012 Xinmei Laiya series product identification design

  5. 2013- Creative Product Design Based on Hunan culture (National Science and Technology Support Program)

Main Awards

  1. 2010 Sany Heavy Industry STC1000 car crane products won the China Innovation Design Red Star Award

  2. 2011 Hunan Province top ten creative design figures

  3. 2011 Sanyi Heavy Industry Crane series product design won the top ten creative design works of Hunan Province

  4. 2012 Top Ten Educators in China's Industrial Design

  5. 2012 Sanyi Heavy Industry Crane series products won the first Hunan Provincial Literature and Art Award