Long Li

undefinedLong Li, assistant researcher. Born in June 1975, she graduated from Hunan University in July 1997 with a major in International Finance. Director of the Comprehensive Management Office of the School of Design of Hunan University, responsible for administrative daily work, postgraduate and subject construction, financial secretary, logistics, family planning, internal and external reception, and retirement.

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Primary Duties Include:

  • Responsible for the daily administrative affairs of the college

  • Responsible for the postgraduate education management work, assisting the dean to modify the enrollment plan, training programs, completing the college’s postgraduate enrollment, training, graduation and so on, assisting the school leaders to actively enroll students in the in-service master's class, and responsible for the scheduling of all students, Training courses such as class and selection of tutors

  • Responsible for the scientific research management of the college; responsible for organizing the college teachers to declare their project as well as uniformly report to the superior unit. Actively assist our school's external project cooperation, assist the college teachers to sign contracts, handle relevant procedures for project cooperation, complete the annual research papers, scientific research project statistics, and scientific research workload accounting

  • Responsible for the functions of the personnel, finance, labor, talent introduction, and professional title assessment; assist the accounting school's annual rewards and bonuses, and complete the assessment of the college's teaching staff title

  • Complete the work arranged by the relevant departments of the school and the leadership of the college on time