Chen Feihu


Chen Feihu, professor, doctoral tutor. His main research interests include environmental art and its theory, architectural design and theory, architectural environment and landscape design, traditional residential renovation and tourism landscape design, Meishan culture and architectural symbols. He is currently the deputy dean of the School of Architecture of Hunan University, member of the National Architectural Art Steering Committee, and executive director of the Hunan Provincial Civil and Architectural Society. Member of the Chinese Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Hunan Artists Association, Chairman of the Hunan Watercolor Watercolor Painting Art Committee, and Member of the National Institute of Architects.

Exhibition of Works

His works have been selected from the first to the seventh National Watercolor Painting Exhibition, the first to the seventh Chinese Watercolor Painting Exhibition, and the eighth to tenth National Art Exhibition of the People's Republic of China. Various awards. In 2007, “Chen Feihu Art Exhibition” was successfully held, and many works were collected by domestic and foreign art museums and museums.

Main Design Projects

  • Planning, Architecture and Landscape Design of Meishan Cultural and Ecological Park in China

  • Reconstruction of Yueyang Temple Front Street and Architectural and Environmental Design

  • Planning and Landscape Design of Anxiang Industrial Ecological Park

  • Architectural and Environmental Design of the Red Memorial Area of Yangyuyang Tiancheng City Ecological Park in Jiangxi Province

  • Anhua traditional residential renovation project

  • Planning, Architecture and Landscape Design of Jiangxi Xinyuyu Embroidery City

  • Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport Interior Design Beijing Lichen Pharmaceutical Group Planning and Landscape Design

  • Planning, Architecture and Landscape Design of Qingtang Qingtang Immigrant Community

  • Zhuhai Weir Development Co., Ltd. Environmental Art Design

  • Renovation and Environmental Design of Residential Buildings in Ziyang District, Yiyang

  • Design of Raz Hotel, New Delhi, India

  • Interior Design of Pyongyang International Conference Center in North Korea

  • Interior Design of Hunan Foreign Friendship Service Center

  • Reconstruction and Environmental Design of Villagers' Houses in Anhua

  • Tourism Landscape Design of Anhua Tea Horse Road

  • Analysis of the Public Space in the Residential Area of the Unit Courtyard

  • "Analysis of the Ecological Effect of Earth-covering Buildings"

  • "Development and Discussion on Practical Courses in the Teaching of Art Design Major"

  • "Freedom and Restriction——On the Cultivation of Innovative Consciousness in the Teaching of Environmental Art in Practice Teaching"

  • "The Artistic Conception of Optical Illusion in Environmental Art"

  • “On the Artists and Architectural Creation of the Italian Renaissance”

  • "Richard Kelly, the father of lighting design"

  • "Inside Light - Functional Modes in Urban Facade Lighting"

  • “Postmodernism and Architectural Design”

  • "A Probe into the Teaching Reform of the Basic Theory Course of Urban Planning Major”

  • "Study on the Spontaneous Residential Style of Shonan Based on Climate Adaptability"

  • "Understanding Postmodernism in the Comparison of Concepts"

  • "The Symbiosis of Home and Garden——Thoughts on the Environmental Design of Residential Areas in Changsha City"

  • “Analysis of Deconstruction Architecture Art”

  • “Architectural Art Education and Teaching"

  • "The Culture of Spiritual Art"

  • “Philosophical Thinking on Deconstructive Architectural Language”

  • "Reconstruction Design and Thinking of the Monument of Revolutionary Martyrs in Yangyu, Yangyu, Jiangxi"

  • "From the development of kitchen and bathroom design to see the evolution of urban residential units in China"

  • “Design of Urban Ecological Landscape Water System——Taking the Water System Design of Anxiang Green Island Cultural Park as an Example"

  • "Talking about some problems in the sketching of the built environment"

  • "Expression of Cultural Ideas in Landscape Design——Landscape Design of Meilin Reservoir Water Culture Base"

  • "Shiqiao Culture in Hunan Rural Landscape"

  • “Light and Shadow in the Environment”

  • "French Educational Building Color Study"

  • "Chinese Contemporary Artists' Gallery - Chen Feihu" China Pictorial

  • “Architectural Colorology" China Building Industry Press

  • “Introduction to Environmental Art Design” Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

  • "Art Performance of Computer Architectural Paintings" People's Posts and Telecommunications Press

  • “Philosophy of Art and Life”Published by Hong Kong

  • "Architectural Landscape Watercolor Painting Performance" China Building Industry Press

  • "Chen Feihu Architectural Landscape Watercolor Painting Techniques" Hunan University Press