Zhang Hanling


Dr. Hanling Zhang is a full professor of the School of Design at Hunan University, He is the Director of Design for Healthy & Wellbeing. He received Ph.D. degree in  Signal and Information Processing from the University of Northwestern Polytechnic, Xi’an,  China in 2003. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the Robarts Research Institute,London, Canada in 2006-2007. Outstanding Science and Technology Commissioner of University-industry-research of the Ministry of Science and Technology and  Guangdong Province Government.  "Longcheng Talents Program" of  Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The Yueyang Government distinguished expert, Commissioner for Science and Technology of Changsha, Member of  Technical Committee on  Computer Vision of  China Computer Federation, and Member of the Technical Committee on Visualization and Visual Analysis of  China Society of Image and Graphics, Member of the Machine Learning of China Society of Image and Graphics. His Research Interests include affective computing, Big Data analysis and visualization, big-data-driven design, human-computer interaction, user experience. He has led and participated in a large number of important scientific research projects that have been well funded by various federal agencies.

Professor Hanling Zhang recruits graduate students, doctoral students, research assistants, and post-doctoral fellows who have a background in computer or industrial design and have a strong interest in affective computing, human-computer interaction, user experience, Big Data analysis and visualization.

Research Projects

Below are main research projects I have been involved in:

  • Research and development of intelligent perception and recognition system for  Phragmites communis harvesting, the key research and development of Hunan Province, 2019-2021.

  • Liuzhou promotes the accelerated development of the industrial design industry, Development Research Center of Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government, 2020.

  • Research on compressing deep convolutional neural network for object detection and image forensics, National Natural Science Foundation of China,2017-2020.

  • Research on Real-time object detection based on lightweight deep convolutional neural network, Hunan Natural Science Foundation,2018-2019.

  • Research and manufacturing of multi-dimensional video detection robots, “Longcheng Talents Program” in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, 2016-2018.

  • Research on Key Project of Hunan Province Science and Technology Planning Project, China, 2014-2016.

  • Research on Intelligent Identification Positioning System Development Of Southern Fruit Natural Environment Picking Robots, National forestry public service projects, 2011-2013.

  • Research on Text Content Security, Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008-2011.

  • All Phase DCT Image Interpolation algorithm based on image edges, Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008-2010.

  • Mobile taxi Inspection system based on RFID,Guangdong province and Ministry

  • of Education university-industry cooperation projects, 2009-2010.

  • Research on Dynamic Software Watermarking Based on the Code Obfuscated,  the  Changsha   Science and   Technology   Plan   Project   Foundation of  China, 2009-2010.

Teaching Courses

  • Intelligence and Interactive Design

  • Data Intelligence and Interaction Design

  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Digital Image Processing

  • Digital Signal processing

  • Signal and System

  • Probability Theory and Stochastic Process

  • Video Understanding and Analysis

Recent selected publications:

Yawen Zeng, Da Cao*, Shaofei Lu*,Handling Zhang et al.Moment is Important: Language-Based Video Moment, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications,2021.

Zhaoyuan Yin, Jia Zheng, Weixin Luo, Sheehan Qian, Hanling Zhang*, Shenghua Gao, Learning to Recommend Frame for Interactive Video Object Segmentation in the Wild, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(CVPR) 2021.

Hanling Zhang, Yuexie Lijun Li, Occlusion-Handing Tracker Based on Discriminative Correlation Filters, IET IMAGE PROCESSING, 2020.

Chenxing Xia, Hanling Zhang* et al., Exploiting background divergence and foreground compactness for Salient object detection, Neurocomputing, 2020.

Da Cao, Zhiwang Yu, Hanling Zhang*, et al.Video-Based Cross-Modal Recipe Retrieval, In Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM),2019.

Chenxing Xia, Hanling Zhang*, Unsupervised Salient Object Detection by Aggregating Multi-Level Cues, IEEE Photonics Journal, 2018.

Hanling Zhang, Chenxing Xia, Xiuju Gao, Action recognition based on multi-stage jointly training convolutional network, Multimedia   Tools and Applications, 2018.

Hanling Zhang, Ping Zhong, He J, et al. Combining depth-skeleton feature with sparse coding for action recognition, Neurocomputing, 2017.

Ruihui Li, Jianrui Cai, Hanling Zhang, et al., Aggregating complementary boundary contrast with smoothing for salient region detection, Visual Computer,2016.

Hanling Zhang, Min Xu et al. A novel optimization framework for salient object detection. Visual Computer, 2016.

Min Xu, Hanling Zhang*. Saliency detection with color contrast based on boundary information and neighbors.  Visual Computer, 2015.

Hanling Zhang, Fei Tao, Robust visual tracking based on structured sparse representation model, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2015.

Hanling Zhang, Langlang Liu, Recovering low-rank and sparse components of matrices for object detection,IET Electronics Letters,2013.