Ji Peng


Ji Peng,Ph. D., assistant professor, School of design and art, Hunan University. Graduated from Central South University, majoring in transportation engineering, Engaged in railway vehicle industrial design and aerodynamics related research. Successively participated in the design of "China standardized EMU (Fuxing)", "China Fuxing EMU", "China next generation metro vehicle", " Jing-Zhang Intelligent EMU", "China 600km / h high-speed maglev" and other trains“ Research on the whole life cycle of China railway "13th five year plan" urban rail passenger comfort "and" China Renaissance locomotive color planning ". Systematic scientific research achievements have been built.It has won the special prize of Railway Science and technology award of "train collision experimental system and safety evaluation technology" (the 34th person)“ The title of "best designer in Changsha" in 2019; Top ten outstanding young industrial designers in 2020; 13 awards in industrial design competitions.


2014.09-2019.12: Doctor of Engineering in transportation engineering, School of transportation engineering, Central South University;

2009.09-2011.12: Master of Arts in design art, School of architecture and art, Central South University;

2009.09-2011.12: Bachelor of industrial design, School of art, Central South University;

Academic Experiences:

2020.01 - present: Assistant Professor of smart travel, School of design and art, Hunan University;

2014.01-2014.09: designer of Key Laboratory of rail transit safety, Ministry of education, Central South University;

2012.01-2014.01: non career preparation teacher, Institute of design strategy and prototype innovation, Tsinghua University;

Research Projects:

  • National Natural Science Youth Project, study on chaotic mixing mechanism of low Reynolds number pipeline flow under periodic disturbance, conclusion, participation;

  • Key R & D project of Hunan Province, smart home design innovation platform and application demonstration based on big data, in research, participating;

  • The 13th five year supplementary project of the Ministry of science and technology, research and development of classic cultural elements and prototype database of Chinese design style, conclusion and participation;

  • Railway 13th five year plan project, research on the whole life cycle of urban rail vehicles, conclusion, participation;

  • Industrial design of high speed maglev train, conclusion and participation;

  • Intelligent Jing Zhang Railway EMU industrial design, conclusion and participation;

  • Numerical calculation of aerodynamic performance of power centralized EMU with speed of 160 km / h, conclusion, participation;

  • 17T power centralized EMU aerodynamic performance calculation, conclusion, participation;

  • China's next generation Metro Industrial design, conclusion and participation;

  • China standardized 350 EMU design and aerodynamic performance research, conclusion, participation;

  • China standardized EMU shape design (Fuxing), conclusion, participation;

  • Research on system integration technology and product development project of 400 km / h EMU based on the operation boundary of existing high-speed railway line, vehicle aerodynamic simulation analysis, in research and participation;

Teaching Courses:

  • Rail vehicle industrial design; 

  • Train aerodynamics; equipment design; 

  • Equipment information platform visualization;

Recent Selected Publishcations:

  • Ji Peng; Wang Tian tian*; Wu Fan; Calculation grid and turbulence model for numerical simulating pressure fluctuations in high-speed train tunnel, Journal of Central South University, 2019, 26(10): 2870-2877. (Journal Paper)

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  • Ji Peng, Huang Zhiyu. The influence of Chinese traditional art aesthetics on Contemporary Design-Reflections on products and traditional aesthetics, Popular literature and art, 2011, (17): 79. (Journal Paper)

  • Ji Peng.“Design aesthetics in the context of "low carbon", Art and design (Theory), 2010, (08): 27-28. (Journal Paper)