Xiao Aozi


Xiao Aozi, associate professor, was born in October 1971, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in folk art. The main research are folk art and illustration. The lecture course is "Chinese Folk Art”.

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Education / Qualifications:

  • 1990-1994: Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Folk Arts, The Central Institution of Fine Arts.

  • 2006: IELTS score:6.5


  • What Kind of Melon Do You Like? Unpublished, 2009

  • Flaming City Unpublished,2009

  • Sweat Paws of the Little Bears Educational Science Publishing House,2009

  • Dengdeng’s daily life Jieli Publishing House, 2008

  • Boy in Chaotic Time Kokudosha co, Japan 2006

  • Smiling Kalakela Long River Press, America, 2005

  • Walking Encyclopedia Sanmin com, Taiwan, 2004

  • Let Swan Dancing Sanmin com, Taiwan, 2003

  • Stone Disappeared Sanmin com, Taiwan, 2002

  • The Ugly Duckling Sanmin com, Taiwan, 2001

  • Red Fox Jiangshu Children’s Publishing House,2001

  • Jumper and Roller Zhejiang Children’s Publishing House, 1997

  • Where is Dengdeng Hunan Children’s Publishing House,1996

  • A Piece of Beautiful Cloth China Children’s Publishing House, 1996

Prizes,Awards and other Honours

  • Little Sun Award. Children’s Picture Book, Taiwan. 2003

  • Illustration Award. Illustration, South China. 2002