Hua Jingyong


Hua Jingyong, associate professor, was born in December 1972. In 1995, graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University. Has engaged in advertising planning, design and curation workc,therefore determine the master's research direction of product design differentiation. In 2001, he graduated from the School of Design, Hunan University. In 2010-2011, as a visiting scholar studied at Italy Milan Polytechnics with the research direction" brand and product design strategies". The main research direction is design management, design strategy of brand products, and industrialization of design. The theoretical core system that has been formed includes the symbolic ecological interpretation system of regional culture, the classification and construction of prototype design, and the enterprise product identification system. At present, focuses on the design-driven mechanism and project research combining regional culture and characteristic industry. Lecture courses include:"Design Management", "Product Development Design ".

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Major works and papers

  • "Design Management: Product Identification Design of Enterprises" Beijing Institute of Technology Press

  • Introduction to Industrial Design (Fourth Edition) Edited by Cheng Nenglin Mechanical Industry Press

  • Translation of Design Management Foundation Hunan University Press

  • OFFICIAL DI ALESSI Catalogue Translation

  • "Basic Contents, Methods and Tools of Product Design Strategy" "Decoration"

  • "ALESSI Designer Strategy" "Design" magazine

  • Journal of Hunan University

  • Journal of Nanjing University of the Arts

  • "Alaixi and its design management" "Excellent Paper Award for the Ten Years of Excellent Paper Selection for China's Industrial Design and Development"

  • "The Twenty-seventh Body - Form Design Division", "The Award for Outstanding Papers of China's Industrial Design Development Ten Years"

  • "Enterprise Product Concept in Design Management" Baidu Library

  • "Fashion with style"

  • The form of the exhibition depends on the structural characteristics of the featured industry.

  • "Industrial Deepening of Hunan Bookbinding"

  • Prototype Phenomenon in Product Form

  • "Binding design as an important resource for brand strategy management"

  • "Content Deduction of Corporate Form Design Culture"

  • "Alessi and its design management review"