Tan Zhengyu


Tan Zhengyu, associate professor, master tutor. Born in October 1979, graduated from the School of Computer Science of Zhejiang University with a Ph.D. The main research direction is the auxiliary product concept design and the knowledge research in the field of automobile modeling. The main courses include “Design Psychology” and “Interaction Design”.

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Major works & papers

  • Tan Zhengy Tan Zhengyu, Zhao Jianghong, Zhang Jun. The Research of Establishment of Repository in ICAID System. Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Computer-Aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design.Beijing:China Machine Press,2003

  • Tan Zhengyu, Zhao Jianghong, Sun Shouqian. Research on image recognition of CNC machine tools based on image scale. China Mechanical Engineering, 2006.3 (EI Page one included)

  • Tan Zhengyu, Sun Shouqian, Huang Qi. Research on automobile sketch cooperative design based on image cognition model. Proceedings - 2006 10th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design,2006.5 (EI Compendex included)

  • Tan Zhengyu, Sun Shouqian. Image retrieval technology based on image recognition model. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Edition), May,2008.


  • 1997.9——2001.6 studied at the Department of Industrial Design, Hunan University

  • 2001.9——2004.3 studied at the School of Design, Hunan University, and studied under Professor Zhao Jianghong, engaged in the concept design of knowledge-based products.

  • 2004.3——2008.3 studied PhD at the School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University. Mainly engaged in conceptual design of auxiliary products, perceptual engineering, and user-perceived information research. Participated in many provincial and national research projects and published several articles.

  • 2008.4 Worked at the School of Design, Hunan University, and engaged in the research of automobile modeling design at the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Automobile Body at Hunan University.