Li Ang

Li Ang

Alumni of Grade 2000 of undergraduate and 2004 of master school of Design, Hunan University, Ph.D. in design from Tsinghua University, assistant to the director of the Institute of Culture and Urban Development of the Development Research Center of the State Council, director of the research department, national high-end of the Central Propaganda Department Member of the Think Tank Construction Research Working Group, Distinguished Expert in Design Strategy and Industrial Innovation at Tsinghua University, and a part-time researcher at the Global Public Diplomacy Research Center of the National Development and Strategy Institute of Renmin University of China.

He was awarded the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Tsinghua University and the China Doctoral Student Academic Forum Award. He has co-sponsored Ph.D. in Tsinghua University and NCSU's Industrial Innovation Center, and was the keynote speaker at the Pacific Rho University Alliance (APRU) Global PhD Academic Forum and the founder and head of the Asian Design Industry Development Academic Alliance. He has presided over more than 30 various research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and has written more than 40 policy research reports as the main authors. He is the author of "Design-Driven Economic Transformation" and "Cultural-Driven New Urbanization". Published core journal articles and interviewed several mainstream media outlets. The current main areas of work are government governance systems, industrial transformation and upgrading, construction of national think tanks, and cultural development strategies.


State Council Development Research Center, 225 Chaoyangmen inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Phone: 010-51780850