Li Yizhou

Li Yizhou

Hunan University School of Design, 2002 undergraduate, 2006 master's degree alumni, Tsinghua University Design and Royal College of Art, Department of Innovation and Design Engineering, Ph.D. Three intelligent field startups (2013 micro honey miniature skin detector cofounder, 2014 founder of “‘design4her’ only designed for her”——3D printing customization of jewelry), is now the founder of “12sleep” bedroom Intelligent Home vertical enterprise platform.

Founded in Xlab, Tsinghua University, the company is a leading company in the field of enterprise-class intelligent home products. The company's address is at the gate of Tsinghua University. It is close to the best engineering, psychology, and medical centers and has deep cooperation to focus on making better traditions. Enterprise Intelligent Transformation Service & Medical Health Algorithm System. The company has obtained joint investment from Tsinghua Enlightenment, Ali Department and industrial capital, and its goal is to directly target the trillion-level enterprise intelligent transformation market.