Tian Fei

Tian Fei

Graduated from School of Design and Art, Hunan University in 2006. He is currently the leader of the interactive design discipline of Hunan University of Technology, the partner of Kuzhi Technology, and the design consultant of the book designer office. China's fourth educational innovation figure, young-backbone teacher of Hunan, Alibaba Cloud Entrepreneurship Competition, National Championships, and Furong Cup meritorious winners.

In the professional field, he has provided various types of design services and consultations for products such as Nokia, Geely Automobile and other enterprises, such as new media and font fonts. His works have won the meritorious of Furong Cup International Industrial Design Competition and the meritorious of the Ministry of Education Information Design Competition. He has won more than 60 awards in last few years. Also, he has hosted more than ten projects such as the Provincial Social Science Fund, the Education Department Science Plan, and the Science and Technology Department Design Innovation Fund; he has obtained more than ten national patents; his works have been selected for the Milan Expo in China. Pavilion, the official website of the International Industrial Design Federation.

In the field of education, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, he founded the “Innovative Design Lab” at Hunan University of Technology. Through a series of industry-university-research cooperation, in recent years, he has continuously exported many graduates/interns to IBM, Nokia, Tencent, Jinshan and Geely. , Jingdong, Shanda Innovation Institute, Lenovo Research Institute, Geely Automobile, Hunan Satellite TV, cross-border technology, Anjuke, and other enterprises. He has continuously incubated many student entrepreneurship projects such as “making a study room”, “Feiling media”, “Daxi homemade” and “OK”, and has been selected as “Excellent Tutor of Zhuzhou City University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” for three consecutive years. Special guest of the 2014 Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Work Conference of Hunan Provincial Department of Education, on-site commentary instructor of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan TV Station, and the guest speaker of the 2015 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hunan) Awards Ceremony.

His works and deeds have been reported by the Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Education News, Ta Kung Pao, Hunan Satellite TV, Guangzhou Daily, Programmer's Magazine, Morning News, France Telecom INNOVATION TV, TNW, GIZMODO, DEV! CE, ENGADGET and other media.

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