Ali Cainiao + Service design thinking and strategy practice class

On January 10th, Ali Cainiao team walked into the exhibition hall of the School of Design of Hunan University to watch the students' excellent service design thinking and strategy practice course assignments. This course was jointly opened with Ali Cainiao, taught by teacher Hu Ying, and completed by the first-year graduate students of the School of Design. Let’s enjoy it together.


Teacher He Renke and Alibaba Cainiao network design manager Chen Xiaohua(Hezhen)

Teacher He Renke and Alibaba Cainiao school-enterprise cooperation liaison Feng Mengyuan (Duomi)


Ali Cainiao team took a group photo with teachers He Renke, Hu Ying, Liu Mengfei and Yuan Xiang

Group 1

/Cai small bird "two seasons" shopping experience store /

"Two seasons" is a self-service shopping and charity recycling experience store open only in the first semester and graduation season. Shopping process is made freer and more convenient by using shopping bar to select and fetch goods in shopping space. In addition, it guides customers to recycle their old things by the way of encouragement of public welfare and feedback of logistics vouchers, as well as the interesting form of tracking the whereabouts of old things.


Group 2

/Cai small bird•Jiujiu/

The baby community emergency service system, as the core, helps mothers easily cope with the baby's sudden situation linkage unmanned store emergency, intelligent cabinet emergency and online APP help, through the emergency retail, emergency delivery, replacement of idle things and other functions to help mothers cope with the baby's growth in the difficult situation. It helps mothers to cope with every emergency.


Group 3

/Cainiao nest/

Taking the young professionals living in the youth community as the target users, it aims to build a rookie youth community inn with "more thinking and more life", and bring young people a mixed space suitable for "sikan xiyi", which can not only meet the basic life needs of young people, but also meet their emotional needs.


Group 4

/Cai small bird——empty-handedly high/

Seize the pain point of existing home party stores on campus to create a one-stop home party experience. “Cai small bird empty-handedly high” experiencing store combines Cainiao data guidance and big data logistics information. The "online + offline" mode creates a more intelligent, convenient and secure home party experience. Online booking, directly using of offline experience stores, Cainiao game assistant, and going back to school safely and other functions, to solve the home party experience’s trouble back at home.


Group 5

/Old hair help/

The platform is open to young people working in the community and retired old people. The young people pay for the dishes in advance to the platform. The old people help the young people buy fresh dishes from the market/supermarket through the "old hair help" platform, and the platform is responsible for organizing meaningful collective activities. Through the platform of "old hair help", the elderly group and the youth group in the community are connected to promote the communication and mutual assistance between the two groups, so that the daily shopping behavior of the elderly group has new value. It can enrich the lives of the elderly and relieve the pressure on the young.


Group 6

/ Pandora's box/

Pandora's box, help those users who wants to enjoy life and experience the different way of life according to the merchants and user information recommendation to make life service package, and use the Pandora’s box to continuously agent to purchase, packaging the service of lifestyle at one stop. It can reduce the burden and waste of time of users for excessively paying attention to trading process, which can help users to enjoy life, realize the non-inductive payment, and customize an ideal way of life for users.

Group 7

/It's me/

Provide IP services for each family and each family member, so that they can establish their own virtual IP image, and through the small box to display. We hope that this product can break the neighborhood gap, and use IP image to build a communication bridge for the residents in the community, so as to make the social interaction more warm.


Group 8

/Cainiao easy nest/

Create community children's toy paradise, hope that every child has "easy nest" toys! "Easy nest for beginners" can help families who cannot effectively deal with idle toys. Through easy nest smart toy cabinet, the burden of toy accumulation and toy update can be reduced, the efficiency of flow of idle toys can be improved, and the use value of idle toys can be increased.


Group 9


Based on the small box of Cainiao, the mentality of users to reward and give back to the couriers who provide high-quality services is built, which forms a kind of respect for the labor of couriers and care for couriers. As a result, couriers are motivated to provide services more actively, thus forming a virtuous service cycle. Build a reward mechanism for couriers and create a paid service culture to improve the service quality of couriers.


Group 10

/Cainiao fantasy trip/

Provide Cainiao employees with a place in the park where they can work, rest, play and communicate. Here you can experience warm working atmosphere, interesting entertainment facilities, comfortable rest environment and open communication space. Visitors to Cainiao will be presented with Cainiao's corporate culture, latest technologies and products, providing them with immersive and story-like scene experience. Let them deeply understand the advantages of rookie, get a good sensory experience.


Group 11

/With me/

"With me" provides emotional aesthetics for young people living alone in the future, and provides customized services of emotional care for young people living alone. A set of albums designed for the box, by selecting seven functions corresponding to seven songs from Monday to Sunday, enjoy seven different emotional services brought by the box. The album is the key to the small box. Please order the album and embed the CD to begin to feel the love of the small box.


Group 12

/Beside you/

By setting up virtual currency in the community, establishing community credit system and building community communication platform, the community residents can help each other to share and help each other, reduce the unsafe, unreliable and inconvenient factors of services outside the community, improve the convenience of community life, strengthen community residents' communication and increase the happiness of community life.


Students work in groups of 4-5 to complete the practical tasks of "Cai small bird" or "Cai small box". Finally, the idea was presented in various ways, and a wonderful roleplay performance was performed in the Peach Lake exhibition hall. At the same time, poster models and other display tools were equipped on the exhibition stand of each group.

Group photo of all course staff