“Design and Creativity course” exhibition

On January 16, 2019, the "Design and Creativity" course exhibition of grade 2017 of the School of Design was held in Peaches Lake bank under the heavy snow. The dean He Renke, vice dean Tan Hao, director of scientific research institute Li Feilong watched the exhibition under the heavy snow, and lauded the creativity and working ability of the students. Guo Chunsheng, from the curriculum cooperative enterprise Xulan peacock breeding cooperative, came from the other city to visit the exhibition under the heavy snow, enthusing about students work and sighing with emotion that had found the new hope in the development of enterprises in Peach Lake today.

Group photo with Li Feilong

"Design and Creativity", taught by associate professor Li Yi, is a core course with a long history in our college. To fully arouse the enthusiasm for beginner's design potential and learning, the teachers teach students according to their aptitude, by "peacock feathers to create new value" design activities, learning innovation process and the construction of new rural social service closely linked, in Teacher Li's precept and guidance, the students gradually acquire scientific design research methods, understanding of designers’ social responsibility, innovation of self-confidence and the joy of learning.

In this exhibition, 23 themes and over 500 original works related to peacock feathers are exhibited, and the processing methods, application approaches, material collocation and cultural metaphors of peacock feathers are studied in depth, with remarkable achievements.

Winter Christmas songs

God said, "Let there be light!" And there was light. Light and shadow is "gorgeous", firefly is "blurred", snowman is "dancing". "Corner" inside, "spread wing" between, "with feather" story is being performed...This is a set of Christmas-themed lamps and cultural and creative product design based on peacock feathers. It is also a Christmas song composed by light and feather.

I and the peacock sea

This group makes peacock and different element collision and outspread, combining the material such as dropping glue, iron wire, embroider line and metallic headgear to design the horological, mobile phone case that is with the theme of "I and peacock", still have headgear and landscape, and peacock "a suit of gold- viridis that cannot be painted" is reflected in the bit in daily life.

Peacock theme wedding dress design

Life a pair of people, by the love of the peacock representing, peacock theme wedding scene design, the first love peacock feathers - mature - wedding trilogy of jewelry design is introduced into love, hand in photograph reflect with white yarn with peacock blue crystal design wedding dress with white and blue peacock feathers, create romantic and moving the peacock theme wedding design.

beauty& diversity form& nature

-- jewelry (elegant beauty/exquisite quality)

-- lamp (simple and elegant beauty/unworldly quality)

-- bag (wild beauty/natural beauty)

-- watch (the beauty of elegance/rational beauty)

Peacock theme wedding accessories design

Triggering from the view of wedding accessories, invitation cards, brooch, candlestick, with the hand (hand soap), furnishing articles furnishing articles (tube), from six aspects, such as chain pendant through "dried flowers, paperboard, chain, soaps, candles, tube" is a kind of material such as the introduction of the surrounding the peacock feathers to design a series of design, we emphasize the texture of works and practical production, finally completed a set of a higher degree of completion work.

Beautiful face·peacock feather creative round fan

With the Chinese four beauties Xishi, Zhaojun, Diaochan, Yuhuan's "sinking fish and falling geese, closing the moon mimosa" the classic to carry on the fan surface three-dimensional creation.

Finally, Mr. Guo Chunsheng, chairman of Xulan peacock breeding base, came to visit the students' works and took a group photo.

Through the study of "design and creativity", the students fully experienced the process from putting forward the design concept to making the product by hand. The collision of team members' ideas further improved our understanding of design. On the road of future design, I believe that students will forge ahead and achieve greater achievements.


Editor: Liu Naixin

Data collection: Yu Dikai, Wang Xinyang

Revision: Teacher Li Yi