Exhibition begins! The new channel【10 years/120°】

From January 11 to April 7, the third Chinese design exhibition and public art project, sponsored by the People's Republic of China ministry of culture and tourism, the people's government of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen municipal people's government, will be exhibited in Shenzhen museum of contemporary art and urban planning. The theme of the exhibition is “new era, new life——enter a new era of Chinese design ".

Hunan university "new channel" design and social innovation project, as a typical representative of cultural and creative public welfare targeted poverty alleviation, was selected as the traditional activation topic of China design exhibition and public art special exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is "new channel design and social innovation 10 years/120°”, with the booths visual center of “freshman - red loom” and "dong" culture as the cultural focus. The booths create a 120° cultural space through fiber and light art, sharing the joy that create with villagers in the “wild wind” and mining design source and power of contemporary life.

Today, Li Qun, the vice minister of ministry of culture, came to our booths for guidance. He learned about the design of "new channel" and the practice and achievements of social innovation projects in detail, and expressed his high appreciation and recognition.


The main contents of the exhibition include:

"new life -- red loom" integrated media works

"shuttle said" cultural and creative public welfare brand

Chongqing Youyang "wishing" Yang drama interactive device

Sichuan Ya 'an "homeland" series curium porcelain

"Hua Yao Hua" agricultural products and handicraft innovative design

3D printing Dong bird set intelligent products

new channel decade papers and multimedia video works

It systematically displays the work achievements of the "new channel" in the past ten years and the thinking about relevant work methods, and is committed to exploring how to promote the adaptation and integration of traditional culture and contemporary culture through the creative transformation and innovative development based on the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Sincerely welcome to share the related achievements and thoughts on regional culture research and industrial transformation with professionals from various fields at the exhibition site, and jointly discuss the direction of regional revitalization!

Exhibition time: January 11, 2019 -- April 7, 2019;

Exhibition venue: Shenzhen museum of contemporary art and urban planning;

Organizers: ministry of culture and tourism of the People's Republic of China, Guangdong provincial people's government, Shenzhen municipal people's government;

Sponsors: department of arts, ministry of culture and tourism, guangdong provincial department of culture and tourism;

Executive agency: Guanshan Moon art museum, Shenzhen.