Book township Cultural innovation products in the new Palace Museum

On November 28, Wang Yunzhi, Cheng Fangyuan, Jiang Zixin and Xia Xun, students from the School of Design of Hunan University, participated in the recording and the cultural and creative product design of Beijing satellite TV's large-scale cultural seasonal program “A New Forbidden City”.

The School of Design of Hunan University launched the “New Channel” design and social innovation project in 2009. The project is committed to the research of regional culture and the establishment of characteristic cultural industry. In the past decade, more than 300 product designs of “intangible cultural heritage reengineering” have been completed. Two of the students (Wang Yunzhi and Jiang Zixin) who participated in the recording of the program “New Forbidden City” and the design of the cultural and creative products are student designers of the “new channel · cultural and creative team of book township”.

New Forbidden City” is China's first cultural innovation reality show focusing on the museum. Deng Lun, Zhou Yiwei and mysterious guests, the developers of cultural innovation products, follow the experts of the Palace Museum to enter the palace to learn about the treasures, explore the precious treasures of the Palace Museum, interpret the historical codes and legends behind the cultural relics, and seek the historical context and cultural elements for the cultural and creative products of the Palace Museum. At the same time, famous designers cooperate with students majoring in design from universities to launch a cultural and creative derivative for each program. In this way, cultural relics can be transformed into cultural and creative products, and the culture of the Forbidden City can be "brought home" by more young people.

The cultural and creative product “Shanhai Wen Yuan · stationery bag set” in this issue is designed by four students from School of Design of Hunan University under the guidance of designer Han Jiaying. The products are mainly in the color of “Wenyuan green” in Wenyuan Pavilion. The pattern of circling and reciprocating is taken from the colored drawing on the beam, such as the transmission of millennial context from generation to generation. A pen, a notebook, a pack, the incarnation of portable “mini study”, with you to observe the heart, record bit by bit.

Four students from the School of Design of Hunan University is carrying out product definition and scheme conception

Four students from the School of Design of Hunan University is discussing the design plan with Mr. Han in the studio of Han Jiaying

Four students from the School of Design of Hunan University is taking a group photo with designer Han Jiaying

Shanhai wen yuan· The one-shoulder bag

The bag adopts the classical color matching of “Wenyuan Pavilion green" and gold, with simple and elegant shape. The whole body of the bag is printed with “Wenyuan Pavilion treasure” and the Chinese character “gong”, and the zipper is fastened with the metal image badge of “Lu Ban”. The whole body is square, and the decorative pattern of the body comes from ancient Chinese grain patterns such as the painted boat and caisson in Wenyuan Pavilion, which are delicate and elegant. Most of the palaces are magnificent with their golden brick walls. Rare green is like the Wenyuan Pavilion green. The green of Wenyuan Pavilion, quietly elegant low-key composed, and yet there is no lack of vitality, to the strict palace between the addition of a lively atmosphere of scholars. It’s like the reader's morning class, through the mist of the sun and sound of loud reading




Shanhai wen yuan· Leather card clip

The Leather card clip is overall designed by the Wenyuan Pavilion green. Quietly elegant low-key composed, refined and elegant card can be placed in one side, and the other side can put perfume, let the card send out a charming fragrance so that your social activities can be more dazzling


Shanhai wen yuan· signature pen + notebook.

The pen is in the color of Wenyuan Pavilion green, steady and upward. The pen is the soul of the literati's palm, while the pen of the scholar is always independent. The pen of Wenyuan Pavilion has its own style. The metal quality of the pen is in the hand, and the sense of proportion is very strong. Write away like a snake, such as painting thousands of miles. The mind of a man of letters seems to be opened at this moment.