The 2018 joint course between School of Design,Hunan University and AHO officially launched


On October 9, 2018, the annual joint course of School of Design,Hunan University and AHO was officially launched.This course is part of the joint project“design BRICS (BRICS Design Network for Climate Change).This course is part of the designBRICS joint project (2017-2020).Each year, the course is a one-month field research and design event in China, jointly led by Professor Håkan Edeholt of AHO and Associate Professor Zhang Jun of School of Design,Hunan University.The course participants include four graduate students from AHO (from Norway, Canada, Latvia, etc.) and graduate students from CPUT in South Africa, as well as graduate students from the Sustainable Innovation Design Research Institute of  School of Design,Hunan University and undergraduate students who have chosen a sustainable design course.

Under the leadership of Prof. He and Associate Professor Zhang Jun,students visited the excellent design exhibition in the peach lake exhibition hall, and watched the documentary of the“New Channel”design project and the“resident plan”project of School of Design,Hunan University.Demonstrated the achievements of our school in frontier areas such as teaching, international cooperation and scientific research.At the launching ceremony of the project, Associate Professor Zhang Jun introduced the theme content of the designBRICS project ,a series of joint courses based on project cooperation,as well as the International Symposium on BRIC Design Dialogues, which have been launched in recent years,and the process and outcomes of activities such as the Design Studio joint course to the visiting teachers and students.Later,students from both sides introduced their design background and visited Yuelu Academy and Hunan Provincial Museum to experience Hunan's excellent education, history and art culture.


Teachers and students from China and Norwegian take photos in the peach lake exhibition hall.

In the following week, students from both sides will visit the typical sustainable communities and ecological villages and towns in Changsha area, conduct joint design activities in the form of workshops, and showcase the creative results.The two sides will also go to Yuanyang,Yunnan and Anji,Zhejiang to further investigate the ecologically livable pilots such as traditional villages and new rural areas, conduct a deep life experience study to learn and understand Chinese traditional culture and the sustainable wisdom contained in it.Focusing on topics related to “Design for a Sustainable Quality of Life,design ideas for sustainable lifestyles such as living spaces, urban-rural differences,environmental education,food, people and nature interactions,and future manufacturing.And try to find a design and service solution that will make the future more sustainable, and lay a research foundation for the completion of sustainable design projects to combat climate warming.