Students from School of Design,Hunan University won the Silver and Bronze Awards of the First China Pension Products and Rehabilitation Aids Design Competition

On October 10, 2018, the final review of the concept group of the first China Pension Products and Rehabilitation Aids Design Competition was held at the Rongcheng Garden Hotel in Changsha.The competition was hosted by Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department,undertook by School of Design,Hunan University,Hunan Provincial Rehabilitation Aids Technical Guidance Center, Hunan Carnation Pension Industry Group and Hunan Industrial Design Association.Dean He Renke,School of Design,Hunan University,participated in the judging as the chairman of the judging panel.After fierce competition,24 groups of conceptists from all over the country won the gold, silver and bronze medals of the Contest Concept Award.On October 11th,the award ceremony was held at Rongcheng Garden Hotel, and the Vice President of School of Design,Hunan University,Ji Tie presented the award.


Vice President Ji Tie in the awards ceremony of the competition.

The contest's works are divided into"concept design group"and"product innovation group".They focuses on the design of new ideas, new technologies, new materials, new formats, new business models in the services of big health and related elderly, and the design of smart products with green, low-carbon, energy-saving and fashionable trends.The contest collects four series of works including rehabilitation aids, life puzzles, facilities and environment, and comprehensive services.

Since its launch on June 24, 2018, the competition has received deep attention from the whole society. 103 colleges and universities and 37 enterprises across the country have participated extensively. The total number of people has exceeded 2,500. A total of 1341 works from more than 30 provinces and cities have been received. Twelve judges from the industrial design and pension industry judges rigorously,then reviewed and selected 44 winning entries.All the award-winning works selected by the contest were unveiled at the 6th Hunan Seniors Product Expo this year, which became a highlight of this year's Seniors Product Expo.

The desktop wheelchair“amitableof Cheng Fangyuan,School of design,Hunan University and the wearable intelligent power-assisted robot of Liu Siyaos team won silver awards respectively. Zhang Junshuai's“square inch” senior creative design educational toys won the bronze medal.

Award-winning students of School of Design,Hunan University receive trophies.


A photo of the award-winning students of School of Design,Hunan University.