Professor Sooshin choi visits Hunan University during Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 24th, 2018, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Professor Sooshin Choi (Cui Xiushen), former dean of CCS and former vice president of academic affairs at the American Institute of Creative Design, visited Hunan University and had a two-day visit with our teachers and students.



Under the leadership of Prof. He Renke and Prof. Zhao Danhua, Professor Sooshin choi visited School of Design,Hunan University at the Peach Lake and the National Key Automotive Laboratory at Pailou Road.After he shared his design history and his understanding of the design to my classmates, he led the students to a short but passionate WORKSHOP -[Fly them to the moon].He encouraged the students to think positively and dare to explore new design sensations and create more creative ideas based on breaking the tradition.



After the end of the day's WORKSHOP, at 7:00 pm on September 25th, Professor Cui gave a wonderful lecture to the teachers and students of the whole school, the theme is "Designs and designers, the good, the bad and the ugly". The guests present at the scene included Professor Zhao Jianghong, Professor Zhao Danhua and Professor Moshen from our school.


Before the lecture, Professor Cui introduced his own personal experience and design history to the students as a reference to encourage students to persevere on the road of design.

The lecture mainly shared Professor Cui's concern and reflection on life, and explained his concern for the industry and strong social responsibility as a designer and design practitioner.Emotional expression and logical insight can be said to be exciting and thought-provoking.After throwing out a series of cases, Professor Cui gave examples of his favorite good design, what he thought was not good design, and the design he hated. He summarized the characteristics and hoped that the students could share it and build their own unique perception of design and then create their own good design.

Finally, a one-on-one questioning session was conducted. Under the guidance of Professor Cui's lecture, the students of our school actively thought and put forward a lot of meaningful questions. Professor Cui patiently answered them one by one. The atmosphere was very warm.

So far, the two-day exchange between Professor Sooshin choi and School of Design  ,Hunan University has come to a successful conclusion. In this activity, the teachers and students of our school and Professor Cui conducted in-depth exchanges on design understanding and grew up with each other, and delivered the perfect festive blessing for this Mid-Autumn Festival.