Peng Jian


    Jian Peng, male, doctor of National University of Defense Science and Technology, postdoctoral fellow of Hunan University, assistant professor and master supervisor of Hunan University. As the project leader, he has participated in the national key research and development program, national Natural Science Foundation of China, National Defense Pre-research Project, National 973 Project, national 863 Program major Special Project, Hunan Province Key research and development and other national/military major scientific research tasks. His research interests include complex systems and big data mining and applications, prognostic and health management systems, and design of high-performance bamboo-based fiber composites. He has published more than 10 conference papers in international journals and 10 patents.

    Assistant Professor Jian Peng has been recruiting graduate students with science (mathematics) and engineering (computer science and engineering, control Science and engineering, industrial design) background, who have strong interest in military equipment, big data analysis, data mining, data visualization, design evaluation, and design of high-performance bamboo fiber composite materials.

Main research directions:

    Diagnosability design and evaluation of complex systems, failure prediction and health management, individual combat equipment, exoskeleton equipment, design of high-performance bamboo-based fiber composite products

Major scientific research projects:

1.  2021, Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, Diagnostic evaluation of new energy vehicles under the influence of complex factors, 2021.1-2023.12, in progress, in charge

2、XX pre-research project, 2021.1-2021.12, in progress, in charge

3、XX pre-research project, Research and Simulation analysis of astronomical XXXX navigation method, 2021.1-2022.12, in progress, in charge

4、School-level financial management project, The policy recommendations of build Hunan bamboo 100 billion industrial, 2020.12-2021.12, in research, in charge

5、Key R&D project in Hunan province, Research and demonstration of key technology for large-scale bamboo laminated timber manufacturing, 2020.12-2022.12, in research, in charge

6、XX Equipment Pre-research project, XXXXXX, Database and Equipment status processing of Control Center, 2016.10-2018.10, concluded, participated

7、XX equipment Pre-research project, XXXXXX, new XX aircraft condition monitoring technology research, 2015.1-2017.12, concluded, in charge

8、Civil aerospace pre-research project, XXXXX, High-orbit XXX information Fusion method and Simulation Analysis, Jun. 2014-12/2016, concluded, participant

9、XX Horizontal project, XXXXX, Research on flight monitoring system technology of new XXXX aircraft, Oct. 2012-Oct. 2014, concluded, in charge

Education background:

Master of Engineering in Control Science and Engineering (Systems Engineering), College of Systems Engineering, National University of Defense Technology

Doctor of Management Science and Engineering, School of Systems Engineering, National University of Defense Technology

Working background:

2020.05-present: Lecturer in School of Design, Hunan University

2017.01-2019.12: Postdoctoral, Management Science and Engineering Mobile Station, Hunan University

January 2015-December 2016: A unit of the People's Liberation Army of China


    Aerospace equipment design, intelligent equipment course design, intelligent manufacturing guidance, introduction to data Science, parametric design

Publications and published papers:

  • Peng Jian ; Zhou Zhongbao; Wang Jiongqi; Wu Di,; Guo Yinman; Residual Remaining Useful Life Prediction Method for Lithium-ion Batteries in Satellite with Incomplete Healthy Historical Data, IEEE Access, 2019, 7(1): 127788-127799.     (Journal articles)

  • Peng Jian ; Fan Linjun; Xiao Weidong; Tang Jun; Anomaly Monitoring Method for key Components of Satellite, The Scientific World Journal, 2014, 104052.     (Journal articles)

  • Wang Jiongqi; Chen Yuyun, Hou; Hou Bowen; Peng Jian* ; He Zhangming; Turbulence Error Modeling and Restriction for Satellite Attitude Determination System Based on Improved Maximum Correntropy Kalman Filter, IEEE ACCESS, 2019, 7(1): 139420-139437.     (Journal articles)

  • Zhou, Zhongbao ; Jin, Qianying; Xiao, Helu; Wu, Shijian; Peng, Jian;Further study of the DEA-based Framework for Performance Evaluation of Competing Crude Oil Prices’ volatility Forecasting Models, Mathematics, 2019, 7(9).

  • 郭彤; 彭坚*; 肖卫东; 基于FDTD方法的电波在等离子体中传输特性, 国防科技大学学报, 2013, (06): 191-194. (Journal articles)





Patent number/Application number

Authorized time


Authorized invention patent

A method for diagnosing unknown faults in satellite attitude control system

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Authorized invention patent

The invention relates to a method for detecting minor faults of satellite attitude measurement system

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Authorized invention patent

The invention relates to a carbonization method for high carbon preservative bamboo

ZL 201510850315.X



Authorized invention patent

The invention relates to a production method of high carbon preservative bamboo

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Authorized invention patent

A high carbon anticorrosive outdoor bamboo floor

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Authorized invention patent

The invention relates to a high carbon preservative bamboo wallboard and a production method thereof

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Authorized invention patent

A high carbon anticorrosive bamboo floor and its production method

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Authorized invention patent

A high carbon anticorrosive bamboo floor and its production method

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Authorized invention patent

One time integral forming bamboo sleeper and preparation method thereof

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Authorized invention patent

he utility model relates to a high frequency continuous length equipment for bamboo and wood strip

ZL 202021744609.7