He Renke

He Renke, professor, doctoral tutor. Born in March 1958, he graduated from the Department of Architecture of Hunan University in December 1984. He obtained a master's degree in engineering and stayed at the school. He has served as a lecturer, associate professor and professor in the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University. From April 1987 to May 1988, he was sent to the Institute of Industrial Design of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. From August 1998 to June 1999, he was sent to the Department of Industrial Design of North Carolina State University for visiting scholars. He is currently the dean of the School of Design of Hunan University and a doctoral tutor.

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Representative teaching and research results:

  • National Teaching Quality Engineering: National Quality Course “A History of Industrial Design "

  • Ministry of Education uses information technology tools to transform curriculum projects - "A History of Industrial Design"

  • Construction of a national-level talent training experimental area with international competitiveness

  • Industrial design, national specialty construction

  • National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Art and Design

  • “A History of Industrial Design”National Industrial Resources Course

  • “The Power of Design” National Boutique Video Open Course, Chinese University Course

  • Major International Cooperation Project of Ministry of Science and Technology: Construction of "China-Italy Design Innovation Center" with Industrial Design as the Core

  • Science and Technology and Culture Integration Project of Ministry of Science and Technology: Research on Public Service Technology of Creative Design Based on Huxiang Culture

  • Special Ministry of Finance: Digital Research and Internationalization of Huayao Embroidery

  • Hunan Provincial Basic Platform Construction Key Project: Furong Cup International Industrial Design Competition

  • Key Project of Hunan Provincial People's Government: Design and Construction of English Portal of Hunan Provincial People's Government

  • National Social Science Fund's major bidding project "Green Design and Sustainable Development Research" (in cooperation with Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts)

  • LG, NOKIA, MICROSOFT, HUAWEI collaborative research project

Academic Part-Time

  • Deputy Director of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Design Department of the Ministry of Education

  • Chairman of the Industrial Design Professional Teaching Guidance Subcommittee

  • Member of the Design Discipline Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council

  • Vice President of China Industrial Design Association

  • Chairman of the Industrial Design Discipline Teaching Committee of China Machinery Industry Education Association

  • Chairman of the jury of China Industrial Design Red Star Awards

  • Chairman judge of the LOTUSPRIZE Awards

  • Judge of German Red Dot, IF, BRAUNPRIZE Design Awards

  • Judge of Japan G-Mark Design Awards

  • Judge of US Core77 Design Awards

  • Judge of Taiwan Golden Awards

  • Judge of French OBSERVUR Design Awards

Awards at State Level or Above

  • First Prize of National Excellent Teaching Materials for the History of Industrial Design (2002)

  • First Prize of Teaching Achievements in Hunan Province (2002)

  • Excellent Teacher of Hunan Province and Second Class of Hunan Provincial People's Government (2004)

  • Hunan Provincial Teaching Master (2006)

  • State Council Special Allowance Expert (2007)

  • Xu Teli Education Award of Hunan Provincial People's Government (2009)

  • China's top ten industrial design educators (2010)

  • 10,000 people plan national teaching teacher (2013)

  • Guanghua Longteng Award China Design Contribution Bonus Medal (2014)