Lu Jiwu


Jiwu Lu is the full Professor of the School of Design at Hunan University, where he teach "Hardware and Design Innovation of Internet of Things", "Project Design of Intelligent Equipment Module", "Creative Programming and Design" and other courses. He is a member of the Academic Committee of the school, and the head of the Intelligent Equipment research group. He was born in Liuyang, Hunan.

Research fields

  • Edge computing and chip design in Industrial Internet and Internet of Things.

  • Micro energy acquisition system.

  • Power semiconductor device fabrication and integrated circuit simulation design.

Education and academic experience

  • 2015-Present: Hunan University

  • Advanced CMOS Research Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Guest Reseacher

  • Twente University, Ph.D of Electronic Engineering

  • Siegen University, Master of Physics

  • Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Physics

Research Projects

  • 2020-Present: Presides over “Research And Development Of On-Board Battery Operation And Maintenance Chip, Algorithm And Intelligent Cloud Management System For Rail Transit” (High-Tech Industry Technology Innovation Leading Plan Of Hunan Province)

  • 2020-Present: Presides over “Research On Gate Oxygen Quality Reliability Of Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET” (The project of The National Natural Science Foundation of China)

  • 2019-Present: Presides over “Hunan Huxiang High-Level Talent Focus Project-Innovative Talents”

  • 2019-Present: Presides over national project “Research On Application Scenarios Analysis, Reuse Life And Economic Evaluation Technology Of Echelon Utilization Power Battery”

  • 2019-Present: Presides over national project “Design Of Low Power Phase Change Memory Based On Artificial Intelligence And Multi-Scale Computing”

  • 2017-Present: Participates in Hunan Provincial Science And Technology Plan Major Special Project “Research And Industrialization On SiC Key Equipment And Power Electronic Device Technology”

  • 2018-Present: Presides over project “Online Payment And Status Monitoring System” with Changsha Economic development Zone Enterprises (Hunan Changxiang industry CO.Ltd)

Teaching Courses

  • Project Design of Intelligent Equipment Module

  • Internet of Things Hardware and Design Innovation

  • Creative Programming and Design

  • New Product Development (All English Teaching)

  • Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Development and Leading-edge Technology (General Education Course)

  • Internet of Things Edge Intelligent Hardware Design and Implementation

Representative academic achievements

  • Talent Award:

2019: Hunan Huxiang High-Level Talent Focus Project-Innovative Talents

2002-2005: Won DAAD Scholarship To Study For Master's Degree At Siegen University In Germany

  • Scientific Research Achievements:

Professor Lu has been working on advanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuits since he studied in Europe and the United States more than 10 years ago, including device reliability circuit testing, ultra-fast circuit design and testing, micro energy chips.

Professor Lu worked on "Micro-Energy Harvesting Integrated Chip" for self-charging wireless network sensors in the Internet of Things. This work has been reported by 80 online medias and 5 print medias, including the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands. The "Fast Test Circuit Test System" led by the American National Standards Institute broke the world record of the electrical performance test speed of the device at that time, and obtained the electrical characteristic parameters of the device in the real CPU working state for the first time. Its related subsequent improvement technology has been patented in China, and is currently undergoing industrialization transformation in China.

Representative papers are as follows:

  1. J. Lu, W. Liu, d. W. Van, C. H. M, A. Y. Kovalgin, Y. Sun, R. E. I. Schropp, J. Schmitz*, Above-CMOS a-Si and CIGS solar cells for powering autonomous microsystems, IEEE Electron Devices Meeting, U.S.A, San Francisco, 2010,12.02~12.05

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  3. Yanyan Zhang, Ran Cheng, Dong Yi, Jiwu Lu* Yi Zhao“Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Ultra-thin Silicon Film Using Ultra-fast Transient Hot Strip Method” Chinese Physics B2019,(accepted, RefNo. 190469

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Academic and social part-time

  • 2019-Present: Intelligent Design Branch of Hunan Industrial Design Association, President

  • 2015-Present: Member of Hunan Electrotechnical Association

  • 2011-Present: Member of IEEE Electronic Devices Association

  • 2018-Present: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Xinhuo Innovation Base (Platform), Expert Mentor

  • 2018-Present: Changsha Integrated Circuit Design Base, Entrepreneurship Expert Mentor

  • 2019-Present: Changsha New Generation of Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Industry Chain Industry, Commissioner

  • Reviewer for Several International Journals: IEEE Transaction on Electron Device, IEEE Transaction on Device and Materials Reliability, Journal of Solid State Electronics