Ji Tie

undefinedJi Tie, male, born in October 1972, graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University in 1993 and taught at the University. He studied at the Tu-Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, the Polytechnic University of Milan, and the University of London in the UK. In 2008, he was hired as professor. He is the dean of the School of Design in Hunan University, the secretary general of the Teaching Design Subcommittee of the Industrial Design Department of the Ministry of Education, the member of the MFA Art and Art Design Subcommittee, the New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, and the Expert Committee of the China Service Manufacturing Alliance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Member, the initiator of the "New Channel" Design and Social Innovation Alliance, the vice president of Hunan Industrial Design Association, the chief Wenchuang expert of Yuelu Academy, and the science and technology consultant of Huaihua City, Hunan Province. He has published 7 books on "Community Research and Social Innovation Design", "Digital Communication - Interaction and Image Design", "Text Design and Communication", and published more than 50 papers. His works have won more than 30 professional awards such as Red Dot Award and Gmark.

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  • 1993 Graduated from Industrial Design in Hunan University and stayed on to teach. 

  • 2000-2001 Studied in Tu-Delft Technology University as a visiting scholar. 

  • 2004-2005 Got Italy Government scholarship and studied in Politecnico di Milano as a Dr. exchange student and visiting scholar.

Fields of Research

Digital communication, Immaterial Design and Sustainable Strategy..etc.


He established Communication Design Lab in School of Design, Hunan University in 2005. He is a veteran designer who has provided design strategy support for local well-known enterprises such as Sany, Hunan Computer, JiuZhiTang, and so on. As a designer with comprehensive design knowledge, he has established a cooperative research relation with a number of internationally famous companies such as Nike\ GE\ Nokia etc. In the past two years, he was involved in a series of provincial key projects, including the establishment of the industrial design innovation platform in Hunan, the 2008 "Lotus Prize" International Design Competition, the Hunan provincial float designed for the 60th anniversary of National Day, and the recent “Xiang Hong + Style” innovation workshop.

Published Books

  • Community Research and Social Innovation Design;

  • Digital Communication: Interaction & Movie Design;

  • Commercial Art Design;

  • Chinese Character Design; 

  • Typography and Communication; 

  • From Graphic to Communication;

  • Digital Communication 


  • Published more than 30 pieces of works and articles.

  • Won over 30 professional awards.

"New Channel" Design and Social Innovation Project Description

As the initiator of the "New Channel" Design and Social Innovation Alliance, from 2009 to 2018, he successively in Hunan Passage, Chongqing Fuyang, Longhui Huayao, Sichuan Ya'an, Xinjiang Nalati and Kashgar, Qinghai Yushu, Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier, Yunnan Shangri-La and other organizations organize design and social innovation. The project aims at the protection of non-legacy cultures, and develops characteristic cultural industries as a means to integrate the advantages of different professions and disciplines in minority areas with “unique natural ecological environment and rich intangible cultural heritage” but with backward economic development. Internationalized through comprehensive work methods such as rational village and town planning, ecotourism development, product and service system integration, intangible protection and cultural innovation, knowledge platform construction and cross-media design, e-commerce platform incubation, as well as international exhibition promotion. Innovative networks and cultural brands share and disseminate the value of different regional cultures, transform local cultural resources into industrial values, participate in local cultural and industrial innovations, and achieve good innovation with local governments, enterprises and local residents. Interacted and gradually improved the “Community and Network-based Design and Social Innovation (DS-CN)” approach, and accumulated rich experience in cultural protection and rural revitalization.

Project Awards

  • In 2017, the “New Channel·Yaohua flower” project won the first place in the typical non-legal poverty alleviation project directly under the Ministry of Education;

  • In 2016, the “New Channel·Yaohua flower” project won the first place in the typical poverty alleviation program directly under the Ministry of Education;

  • In 2015, the “New Channel·Sanjiangyuan” project won the People’s Daily CSR China Culture Award, Cultural Innovation Award, People’s Daily;

  • In 2013, the non-legacy documentary Tantou New Year's Painting won the Spiritual Award for the "Building Dreams and Folk Art" Documentary Film Festival, Chen Yueji Foundation;

  • In 2012, the new channel APP won the National Undergraduate Industrial Design Competition, the first prize of communication category, Ministry of Education;

  • In 2012, the “New Channel” design and social innovation project won the G-Mark Community Research Award and the Japan Design Promotion Association;

  • In 2011, the “New Channel” project won the Top Ten Best Public Welfare Projects of Chinese Enterprises, Soong Ching Ling Foundation;

Main Research Projects

Facing the national strategy and social transformation, actively explore the design and innovation methods that integrate cultural research and scientific and technological innovation, and organize or participate in the completion of the National Science and Technology Support Program “Research on the Creative Design Public Service Technology Based on Hunan Regional Culture” and the Ministry of Finance Cultural Industry Specialization “Construction and Industrialization of Creative Design Service Platform for Huayao National Cultural Products”, International Cooperation Project of Ministry of Science and Technology “Construction of Sino-Italian Design Innovation Center with Industrial Design as the Core”, Major Project of Social Science of the Ministry of Culture “Green Design and Sustainable "Development Research", National Development and Reform Commission "super computing-based industrial design simulation technology cloud service platform" and other major national issues; also presided over the completion of "Hunan Province industrial design innovation platform construction", "Xinjiang regional culture research and tourism commodity development "Key technology research and application", Changsha Science and Technology Major Project "Smart Home Stereoscopic Data Network System and Terminal Access Key Technology R & D Mass Production and Industrial Application" and other local science and technology service projects; business cooperation has been Nokia, Nike, GE, Si International and domestic famous brands such as emens, IDG, Samsung, Tencent, Sany Heavy Industry, CRRC, and Meikemeijia provide design strategy support.

International Cooperation and Exhibition

Since 2007, as the executive director of the Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Innovation Platform, he has participated in the organization and completed the four “Furong Cup” International Industrial Design Innovation Competition (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014); 2012-2015 as the main person in charge Completed the construction of “China-Italy Design Innovation Center” and became the only cooperative strategic partner of the world's largest design company (Italy IDG) in China; hosted and planned the 2012 Milan China Design to build an international cooperation platform and promote rural cultural brands. Innovation Exhibition; Milan Design Week 2015 “Share Design” International Cultural Makeup Exhibition and “Hometown·Share the taste of hometown” Expo Exhibition, 2017 Kangqiao·China-UK Cooperation Achievement Exhibition; “Trace to the East, Rural Culture and Regional Regeneration” Design Activities Week and other activities; also invited to participate in a number of important domestic and international exhibitions and seminars, such as Milan Design Week "Designing Designers" international seminar, Shanghai Design Biennale, Shenzhen "Design Above" OCT Creative Festival Nanjing Art College Design Youth Forum, Wuxi Design Education Redesign Series International Conference, Beijing 751 Inter-Design Festival, Chongqing Asia Green Design Week, “City Edge” Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale, Shenzhen Design Exhibition and Wenbo Exhibition, China-Japan-Korea “Regional Recycling” Seminar, Paris International Exposition, Milan International Handicraft Expo , "Hinterland Wisdom" Precision Poverty Alleviation Exhibition and other activities.