Zhao Jianghong


Zhao Jianghong, professor, doctoral tutor. Born in November 1954, he graduated from Hunan University. From 1982 to 1984 he is a visiting scholar at the State University of North Carolina and the 1995 Danish Design Center. He is currently the deputy dean of the School of Design of Hunan University, the doctoral tutor of design art, the executive director of China Industrial Design Association, and the member of the Art Committee of China Artists Association. Engaged in automotive modeling design, design methods and methodology, multi-domain knowledge-driven modeling design and computer-aided modeling design. He presided over the 863 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the sub-project of the 973 project, the scientific and technological projects of the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” and the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, and the “Eleventh Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program, and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In 1993, he won the first prize of national excellent teaching achievement (second), and in 2002, he won the world technology environment award (finalist), published more than 30 papers and published 4 books. Complete a number of corporate design projects.

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Projects of Design Research

  • Sub-project of the National 973 Project (responsible): Industrial (Stying) Design Expertise and Auxiliary Design System (2004CB719401)

  • Sub-project of the National 973 Project (responsible): Research on the Theory and Methodology of Structure Accuracy Control of Complex Product Data Models (2010CB328001)

  • National Science and Technology Support Program Sub-project (responsible): Product Modeling Application Software for CNC Machine Tool Industry (2006BAF01A45-02)

  • National 863 Program (Responsible): Case-Based Industrial Design Technology and Aided Design System and Applied Research (2004AA424530)

  • Sub-project of the Ministry of Finance's Capacity Building Project (responsible): Design of Zhongqi Executive Car


  • "Automotive Design: Theory, Research and Application" Beijing Institute of Technology Press

  • "The meaning of design art" Hunan University Press

  • “Ergonomics” Higher Education Press

  • “Design Psychology” Beijing Institute of Technology Press


  • In 1993, "The Construction of Industrial Design Discipline in Science and Engineering Colleges and the Establishment of Design Education Characteristics" won the first prize of national excellent teaching achievements (ranked second)

  • In 2002, he won the World Technical Environment Award (Finalist) (issued jointly by Time Magazine and Science magazine)

Recently(2011-2014)Car Styling Projects

  • China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO Light Truck Design

  • Dongfeng Liuqi Jingyi X5 SUV design