Yuan Xiang

undefinedDr. YUAN Xiang is an Associate Professor and Vice Dean of School of Design, Hunan University. His research focues on Interaction Design, User Experience and Data Visulization, and has been funded by many Chinese leading companies such as HuaWei, Baidu, China Telecom, China Mobile, etc. He is the founder of Pinwall.cn, a resource management system and supporting tool for design learning & teaching built on the notion of "Learner-generated Contents". Currently he teaches Human-Computer Interaction and Creative Coding and is the corrdinator the undergraduate course program of the school.

E-mail >> yuanx@hnu.edu.cn


  • 1997-2001, studied in the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University, obtained a bachelor's degree in industrial design;

  • 2001-2004, studied at the School of Design of Hunan University, obtained a master's degree in design art.

  • From 2007 to 2008, funded by the China Scholarship Council and went to the College of DAAP (University of Cincinnati) as a visiting scholar.

  • 2009-2015, Ph.D. in Design Art College of Hunan University, received a doctorate in design art.

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 Hunan Provincial Teaching & Learning Achievement Awards, First Prize

  • 2018 National Teaching & Learning Achievement Awards, First Prize

  • 2017/2018 China UXPA Design Awards, Excellent Tutor

  • 2017 Hunan Unviersity Excelent Tutor

  • 2010 Japan Good Design Award (Social Commonweal Project)

Research Projects

  • Hosted the National Support Program Sub-project "Garment Design for Digital Manufacturing Collaborative with Innovation Cloud Service Platform Development - Garment Apparel Knowledge Base System Development" (2015BAH22F02)

  • Hosted the National Support Program sub-project "Huxiang Cultural Tourism Commodity Market Development and Comprehensive Service Demonstration Project" (2012BAH85F04)

  • Hosted the Hunan Science and Technology Project "Building a Collaborative Innovation Platform for Industrial Design Based on Digital Intelligent Manufacturing" (2015GK1011)

  • Hosted the Hunan Science and Technology Project “Development of Cross-Media Resource System Demonstration Project Based on Rural Community Culture and Design Innovation” (2014GK3156)

  • Hosted Hunan Science and Technology Project "Development and Construction of the LotusPrize.com Website of 2012 Furong Cup International Industrial Design Innovation Competition" (2012TP3001)

  • Hosted the 2012 Hunan Provincial Education Reform Project "Industrial Learning Environment Research and Platform Construction for Industrial Design Major Courses Based on Mobile Internet"


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