Cui Jinshan

undefinedCui Jinshan, assistant professor. Born in Henan in September 1974, he graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in June 2007 and obtained a master's degree in photography. Member of the China Photographers Association, now a photography teacher and assistant professor of the School of Design and Art of Hunan University. His main research direction is modern concept photography, post-modern documentary photography and digital image performance. The main courses he taught include "Advertising Photography", "Digital Image Performance", "Design Sketch and Color" and so on.

E-mail >> cjsh2003@sohu.com


  • 2012 "The Memory of Pottery" Oil Painting Selected for the 4th Hunan Youth Art Exhibition

  • 2011 "Photographic Creation" Photography Group Photographed at Pingyao International Photography Festival

  • In 2011, the Suspension Group won the Gold Award for Professional Teachers of the 6th Photographic Art Competition of Hunan Higher Education Institutions.

  • 2010 Photograph of “The Feeling of Love" Photograph The 7th "Image China" National Photography Art Exhibition won the "Best Photographer" award in the Academy, "China Photographer" 2010 No. 4

  • 2009 "yes or no" video test video Pingyao International Photography Festival broadcast

  • 2009 “Opposite Eye" video installation works Participated in "Moon Lake • Occurred" Changsha Modern Art Exhibition

  • 2008 "Future Archaeology" series of 4 works Participated in Pingyao International Photography Festival

  • 2008 "Tide of the Nest" documentary New York Lake Foundation 4th REELCHINA Documentary Biennale Finalist

  • In 2008, the Zhangjiajie Photographers Association was invited to hold an academic lecture "The Subjective Design of Photography under the Postmodern Art Thoughts". 2007 "The Choice of the Saint" and "The Remains of the Underworld" Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Collection

  • 2005 "Dazzle. Splendid Attire of Litang” was published in Volkswagen Photography 2005 No. 12

  • In 2004, "Chrysalis" group photo was published in the fourth issue of "Popular Photography" and was named as one of the top ten photographers of the year.

  • In 2002, 6 pictures of “Human Body Photography” were selected for “the Chinese Body Photographic Yearbook”.

  • In 2001, "Between" was selected for the "Chinese Body Photography Art Exhibition Collection" works on the national tour.