Liu Mengfei


Liu Mengfei, born in March 1983, assistant professor. In 2012, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, Japan, and received his doctorate in engineering. The main research direction is product-study-research collaborative innovation with product design as the core, design culture and product development, design and development in the field of big health and old-age care. Selected for the 2016 Youth One Hundred Talents Program in Hunan Province. Studying and working in Japan from 2006 to 2016. Before returning to China, worked as a researcher and marketing manager at the "House Experimental Design Institute", planning and implementing projects related to "design and regional industry revitalization", "regional micro-enterprise transformation and development", hosting or participating in a number of home appliance design and development projects. .From 2009 to 2014, worked for 5 years at the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the only national comprehensive design and promotion organization in Japan. He was responsible for the platform construction and overseas exhibition of GOOD DESIGN AWARD (G-MARK Award), overseas exhibitions and design education project planning and implementation. Participated in a number of Japanese national and provincial-level projects, including the formulation of “Standardization of Professional Skills in the Field of Industrial Design in Japan”. Now is a jury member of the journal "Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design".

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Education background

  • 2001.9.-2005.6 College of Design and Art, Hunan University, Bachelor of Industrial Design

  • 2005.9.-2008.6 Master of Design Art, Hunan University, Master's degree

  • 2007.4.-2009.3 Master of Design Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, Japan

  • 2009.4.-2012.3 Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering Design Science, received a PhD (Engineering) degree

        ※ period in all studies funded by the Japanese highest full scholarship to complete the Japanese Ministry of Education

Work experience

  • 2009.9.-2012.3 Japan Institute of Design Promotion (Japan Institute of Design Promotion), part-time researcher

  • 2012.4.-2014.9 Japan Design Promotion Institute, responsible for design promotion and vertical issues, etc.

  • 2015.3.-2016.8 Researcher and Marketing Manager of Japan Haus Experimental Design Institute, responsible for product design and regional industrial revitalization project management, etc.

  • 2016.8.- now teacher of the School of Design, Hunan University

Main internship experience

  • 2004.8. Design Department of Shanghai Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd., involved in the design and development of home improvement products

  • 2007.8. Japan's Hitachi, Ltd. designed the home appliance design team to complete the mobile phone design project independently.

  • 2011.4.-5. Japan's Hitachi interactive design group headquarters designed, stores and banks involved in interactive system design and development project

Main projects&subjects

  • 2009-2010 Japan's industrial design field professional skills standardization construction project "Skill Standards project" (participation)

  • 2011-2012 Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's “Multi-career Program” sub-project “Overseas Promotion Research for Good Design Awards” .(bearer)

  • 2013 TOKYO DESIGN EXERCISE (main person in charge) of the design consultation project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  • 2013-2014 Japan Design Promotion Agency "Design Ambassador Project". (main person in charge)

  • 2013-2014 "Design Talents Training Program" jointly sponsored by Japan Design Promotion Agency and Zhejiang University (mainly responsible person)

  • 2015-2016 Japan's Tottori Prefecture Strategic Industry Employment Creation Project "CMX Design Consulting and Local Product Development Project" (main person in charge)

  • 2017 The First Hunan Elderly Service Product Design Competition (main person in charge)

Mainly published papers

  • Liu Mengfei, Miyazaki Kiyoshi, Ueda Akira. The model of human-centered design promotion in China : Based on the investigation of the design promotion measures in Japan, Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSSD, 2009, pp. 306-307

  • Liu Mengfei, Miyazaki Kiyoshi. Beginning of the Industrial Design Promotion in China: Focusing on the Establishment of "China Industrial Art Association" in the Second Half of the 1970s, Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design, 2011, pp. 79- 88

  • Liu Mengfei, Miyazaki Kiyoshi. The State of the Industrial Design Promotion in China Today: Focusing on the Industrial Design Activities Carried Out in 2010, Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design, 2012, pp. 87-96

  • Shiro Aoki, Jun Akimoto, Liu Mengfei. History and Present of Good Design Award, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2012, pp. 72-81

  • Yan Wenyan, Liu Mengfei, Liu Jingjing. Dajin Baicho Museum and Community Building, Decoration, 289, 2017.5., pp. 32-37

Other major awards&honors

  • The "Qu Qiao" switch won the silver medal of the 5th TCL University Students Industrial Design Competition, 2005; the design result was applied for a utility model patent by TCL (CN200520062685.9)

  • Selected as one of the “Youth 100 People Program” in Hunan Province in 2016