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Product morphology

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Product morphology






The purpose of this course is to enable graduate students to learn the research, analysis and creation of product forms in the design process, and to require students to master the theory and methods of product morphology, and to make good use in practical design.

About this course

1. Basic concepts and characteristics of product form

  1.1 About product morphology

  1.2 Product form and design characteristics

  1.3 Product form and development and evolution

2. product form factors

  2.1 Form law

  2.2 Morphological composition

  2.3 Form and Aesthetics

  2.4 Form and function

3. The connotation and extension of current product forms

   3.1 Product Development and Product System

   3.2 Family and design genes

   3.3 Product Ecosystem——Taking Xiaomi as an Example

4. Semantics and context of product form

   4.1 Morphological Semantics

   4.2 Form and brand

 4.3 Design Context and Design Context - Scene Elements Affecting Design Style

5. Sociality of product form

  5.1 Product Form and Culture

   5.2 Morphology and social psychology (consumer psychology, fashion trends, etc.)

   5.3 Product form and lifestyle

6. Emotional characteristics and psychological images of product forms

   6.1 Interpretation of cognitive characteristics of product form

   6.2 Product form design and emotional experience

   6.3 Image Size Study of Product Form Style

7. Product form design method and practice

    7.1 Traditional form combination method

 7.2 Biomimetic based morphological design method (Biomimicry Design)

 7.3 Calculation-based morphological design method (generating method, genetic method, etc.)

     7.4 Design Practice


1. Lin Hua, Design Art Morphology, Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House

2, Arnheim, art and visual perception, Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House

3. Zhang Xianrong, Design Semiotics, Chemical Press