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Visual Form Design

Course code

  • A1608021M

Course title(Chinese)

  • 视觉形态设计

Course title(English)

  • Visual Form Design


  • 2


  • 32



Through learning this course, you will not only understand the traditional method by visual psychology, you will also learn new philosophy and methodology of form design.By understanding and analyzing of artistic appeal and scientific principles, students will understand "ontological phenomenology", and learn the phenomenological creation method of it.

About this course

Adopting an exploratory approach to research, the course explains the fundamental theory of form design Systematically.In the basic training of visual field the course will guide students to explore and master the objective laws and principles. probes the relationship between visual form theory and design philosophy in order to form a complete set of methodology.

Through the training of students' thinking forms, the course breaks the barriers existing in traditional teaching, cultivates graduate students with research initiative, and promotes the development of visual research, morphological design and art philosophy.


Jane de Sausmarez, Basic Design:the Dynamics of Visual Form

Edmund Husserl, Phenomenological Method;

Mikel DufrenneThe Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience;

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Aesthetics.