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Social psychology of design art

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Social psychology of design art






Modern design art is not only a personal artistic creation activity, but also has an inseparable relationship with various groups of society and even the whole society. It is both artistic and psychological; it is both emotional and rational; Individual and social groups. Modern design cannot achieve development and cannot succeed without considering social consciousness and social psychology. Fully studying social consciousness and social psychology in the design process has become an indispensable approaches in modern design art.

Objective: To enable graduate students to learn basic social and social psychology in the design process, and to require students to master the basic theories and methods of design art.

About this course

1. Introduction

2. Basic characteristics of social design art

3. Factors affecting the socialization of design art

4. Designer's self-awareness and user's self-awareness

5. The psychological component of self-awareness

6. Psychological analysis of role differences in design

7. Design art and social cognition, social motivation, social attitude

8. The herd behavior in the design

9. Social responsibility in design art


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