Graduate Courses

Reverse engineering technology in industrial design

Course code

  • A608013M

Course title(Chinese)

  • 工业设计反求技术

Course title(English)

  • Reverse engineering technology in industrial design


  • 3


  • 48


  • Design model, Product structure and rapid digital manufacturing


Through learning this course, students can master how to transform the object into three dimensional virtual model according to the need of digital acquisition technology, and optimize and redesign the data in this process. They’ll understand the basic characteristics of 3D scanning, color measurement and texture vectorization , grasp the basic equipment operations and digital modeling methods, and realize the whole process of product virtual model construction based on reverse data.

About this course

Basic theoretical knowledge of Reverse Technology

Technical characteristics and working methods of laser triangulation digitizer

Three-dimensional scanning of physical projects

3D model construction based on reverse data


[1]  Reverse engineering data processing and model reconstruction. Shanxi people's Education Press, 2006

[2] 3D printing reverse modeling technology and its application. Nanjing Normal University press,2016