Graduate Courses

Product design analysis

Course code

  • A608007M

Course title(Chinese)

  • 产品设计分析

Course title(English)

  • Product design analysis


  • 3


  • 48


  • Design model, Product structure and rapid digital manufacturing


Through the study this course, make students master the methods and procedures of product design analysis, according to the design objectives set by the analysis results, use digital technology to optimize the product and innovative design, understand the basic characteristics of product data collection, product information survey questionnaire, design analysis and other methods. They need to realistically realize the product design, and the whole process of analysis and innovation design.

About this course

Basic theoretical knowledge of product design analysis

Analysis and arrangement of product data

Production and practice of product information survey questionnaire

Design analysis and creative excavation


Decision analysis methods in new product design. Economic Management Press, 2012

Artistic design of artifact products. People’s University Publication House, 2017