Gao Kui

Gao Kui

In 2003, he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University, a car stylist. He joined Chery Automobile Jiajing Technology Co., Ltd. as a car stylist in the same year. In 2006, he joined Alte (China) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. as the modeling director of Shanghai Branch. In 2010, he founded Suzhou Weika Industrial Design Co., Ltd. as the design director.

Suzhou Weika Industrial Design Co., Ltd. became a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province in 2013. Its business projects include: professional supply of industrial product design and development and related technical services, vehicle design and development, structural design, product planning, exhibition vehicle manufacturing, and automobile zero. Component development and consulting; technical support for hand production and mass production.

Gao Kui's main works:

Geely Automobile: The first generation vision (sedan)

South China Foday: Explorer 6 (SUV)

FAW Liberation (commercial vehicles): Seron (light truck), Saihu (China Card), Xindawei (heavy truck), Tiger V (zhongka);

FAW Liberation (passenger car): E-COO electric concept car (participating in the 2010 Beijing Auto Show);

Mingjun Automobile: the first generation of light trucks, medium cards, pickup trucks, SUVs;

Brilliance Jinbei: The sixth generation of sea lions exhibiting cars (participating in the 2008 and 2009 two-year auto show);

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck: HX interior (heavy truck).

Note: The above are listed models.

FAW Xindawei

FAW Showcar

Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck HX Interior Shanxi Truck HX Interior

Note: The above are listed models

FAW Xindawei

FAW Showcar

Shanxi Truck HX Interior