Zhang Wenquan

Zhang Wenquan

Born in 1983, he is 2000 undergraduate, 2004 master's degree, and 2007 PhD Alumni of School of Design, Hunan University. Now he is the designer of car of the Italian design department of IDG-Italdesign, Volkswagen.

In 2008-2009, he received a national scholarship to go to the Milan Polytechnic Product Design Research Unit in Italy as a doctoral student exchange.

During his time in Hunan University, he participated in the “10th Five-Year”, “863” research topics and “973” major research topics in the team of professor Zhao Jianghong. In collaboration with team members, he has completed several design projects, including China Automotive Executive Vehicle, China National Heavy Duty Howo Light Truck, and published an international conference paper and three core journal papers. At the end of 2012, he obtained a doctoral degree through a defense. The title of the defense was “The Argument of the Argument, the Group of Names, and the Genetics and Variation of Genes in Automobile Modeling Brands”.

In 2013, as a designer, he went to Italy to design the Giugia Design Center.

In October 2014, he returned to the Hunan China-Italy Center (CIDIC) and worked with the members of the center to complete the strategy of returning to the Chinese market.

In April 2015, he returned to the styling department of the Italian Design Center and worked as a designer in styling.

During the tenure, he participated in and completed several design projects. The cooperative enterprises include Hurom in South Korea, Okamura in Japan, Gazelle in the Netherlands, China Central Motors, Audi in Germany and so on.

Italian Design Giugia Center of Volkswagen

Posing with Fabrizio Giugiaro