“Intelligent driving space interaction design" school-enterprise joint course successfully concluded

On November 16th, the School of Design and Art of Hunan University and Desay SV cooperated in the "Smart Driving Space Interaction Design" school-enterprise joint course, and held the final defense review and results report exhibition at the Desay SV Huizhou headquarters.

This course is a new attempt of a design art school of Hunan University and Desay SV Company, one of the largest automotive electronic components companies in China. It hopes to guide students in the front line of teachers and enterprises through the combination of innovation and practice. Under the guidance of engineers and designers, combined with the development trend of future industry and automotive intelligent driving technology, the exploratory research on the interactive system design of intelligent driving space.

The joint course was completed by the students of the human-computer interaction system design course taught by Tan Hao and the integrated design practice course of Liu Mengfei. A total of 29 comprehensive system/service design plans for intelligent driving space were completed. Among them, 16 groups of works were awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards and the Excellence Awards, and they received certificates and bonuses. Some of the students received internship opportunities.

On November 16th, at the reporting site, Professor Tan Hao combed the way of school-enterprise cooperation, and from the perspectives of “industry, resources and models”, analyzed and forecasted the future intelligent driving industry and fully affirmed the project cooperation. The results and the input of the company.

Later, as the project leader, Liu Mengfei, the teacher, reported the design ideas and implementation of the joint course.

In the defense meeting, the six groups of students reported their design plans to more than 100 corporate executives, engineers and designers of Desay SV, and finally won the gold, silver and bronze awards jointly awarded by enterprises and colleges. In addition, the selected 10 groups of programs also received the Excellence Award and were awarded a certificate.

The “3space Scenery” designed by 18-level graduate students Liang Fuzhen, Wang Yuqi and Li Xinyi won the gold medal.

(Lin Xinyi, Hunan University, on the left, and Duan Yongzheng, deputy general manager of Desay SV on the right)

The 15th-level undergraduate students Tang Ruirui, Zhao Yidi, Zhang Pengjuan, and Yan Yujie designed the “Car Accident Responsibility Judgment and Rapid Alarm System” and 18-level graduate students Peng Zhuochao, Gao Tingting, and Ling Jianren’s “Awakening” won the Silver Award.

(The first one is Tan Hao, the middle is Peng Zhuochao, the right one is Zhao Yidi)

The 15th-level undergraduate students Fu Fanqi, Zhu Haixia, Zhao Sitong, and Shu Yingzeng designed the "Rank-based driver assistance system based on AR technology", Cai Mingzhi, Wang Xiaoyu's "car interaction system", 18-level graduate student Dai Keying, Xiao Yu towel, Wang Qin’s “Design of Vehicle Life Recording Model Based on Car Photography” won the Bronze Award.

(From left to right, Yan Xiaoyang, general manager of Desay SV Supply Chain Management Center, Fu Fanqi, Hunan University, Xiao Xiaoshi and Wang Xiaoyu)

At the end of the defense report, Duan Yongzheng, deputy general manager of Desay SV, delivered a speech: "The historical and innovative thinking of the School of Design and Art of Hunan University is in harmony with the product concept of Desay SV. The results are very gratifying; this course not only shows the two sides about The common thinking and exploration of smart driving in the future and deepening the application of theory and practice are also an important part of the diversified talent construction of schools and enterprises."

(Desay SV related staff and Lake Master students take a group photo)

(Students visit Desay SV  photo)