Microsoft artificial intelligence design workshop ended successfully

From November 11th to November 16th, 2018, Mr. Qiao Li and Mr. He Binbin from Microsoft Studio Eight Studio conducted a six-day artificial intelligence design workshop in our school. The 39 graduate students who participated in the workshop were divided into seven groups. After the design process of Jobs-Gains-Pains analysis, value proposition, Design critic, Prototype test and Redesign, final design was finally submitted in the form of groups and given a show.

During the workshop, Mr. Qiao Li first introduced us to the artificial intelligence technology and its application principles. And step by step guide us in the design process to complete the design with the right thinking. The six-hat thinking method of Design Critic is most impressive: the hats of different colors represent feelings, inquiries, advantages, deficiencies, ideas and plans. Through this method, everyone has a new understanding of their own design schemes. It is important to learn how to evaluate other people's designs as “criticists” and how to accept and reflect on each other's evaluations as “criticists”.

Through the six-day workshop, the students have a deeper understanding of the design process and methods, and completed the conceptual design for their specific  users.