School of Design ,Hunan University successfully held the 1st. International Seminar on Design, Ergonomics and New Technologies Applied to Emotion Recognition

On November 11, 2018, School of Design ,Hunan University held the 1st. International Seminar on Design, Ergonomics and New Technologies Applied to Emotion RecognitionThe conference was organized by Professor Marcelo Soares, a professor of cultural and artistic talents of the National Thousand Talents Program of our institute. Professor Tareq Ahram from the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, and Francisco Rebelo, Director of the Virtual Reality Laboratory of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Professor Silvia Laurentio, director of the Applied Neurological Laboratory of the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, and Professor Marcio Marcal of the Federal University of Vals are invited, focus on the "Emotional Behavior and Electrophysiology in Human Factors Engineering" and "Product and service design user experience in the context of neuroscience", "infrared thermal imaging and emotional research in human factors engineering", "behavior and emotional response in VR context" and other frontier topics, and give a discus for that.

He Renke, Dean of the School of Design ,Hunan University, gave a welcome speech to the seminar.

Professor Marcelo Soares introduced the guests and themes of the seminar.

Professor Silvia Laurentio's speech is “Emotional Behavior and Electrophysiology in Human Design”. She first introduced the related concepts of neuroscience and physiological psychology, including the meaning of physiological signals such as EEG, ECG, GSR, BVP, measuring equipment and processes, and emotion-related features, and she also mentioned the psychological experimental design method based on multi modal-multi channel physiological signals and the research cases of "Nerve Physiology Research for Marketing Advertisements" and "Human Error Assessment in Simulated Oil Refining System" were shared. The professor affirmed the role of electrophysiological emotion-behavior system in human factors engineering design, and summarized and prospected related research and technology.

Professor Tareq Ahram's speech is “Designing User Experience for Products and Services in the Context of Neuroscience”. He describes the design thinking process from the perspective of systems engineering and introduces the physiological-emotional mechanism and psychology experimental paradigm in the field of neuroscience. And emphasized the emotional related experimental design, signal processing, feature fusion strategy, pattern recognition technology.

Professor Silvia Laurentio and Professor Tareq Ahram attended the conference through the network.

Professor Marcio Marcal shared a report entitled “Infrared Thermography and Emotional Research in Human Factors Engineering”. First, he introduced the concept, principle and development history of thermal imaging technology, emphasized the steps and methods of emotional perception through this technology, the mapping relationship between thermal imaging and emotion and the establishment conditions of thermal infrared emotion database and related equipment, etc. Finally, he combined with the example of the application of "infrared thermography technology in the assessment of college students' stress level" to introduce the application prospect of thermal imaging technology.

Professor Marcio Marcal gave a key-note speech.

Professor Francisco Rebelo's speech is "Behavior and Emotional Response in VR Context". He proposed that the designer's job is to create value in the community through excellent user experience design, and to make people's lives healthier, safer,,more comfortable, ,more independent and funner; environmental factors influence user-centric design and influence people's behavior. His areas mainly focus on security logo design, affordability design, user experience design, interaction design and emotional design, and in the VR context, combined with eye tracking and electrophysiological techniques to study the emotional behavioral responses of designers, and then obtain the feedbacks and design the the innovation process.

Professor Francisco Rebelo gave a key-note speech.

In the Q&A session after the speech, teachers and classmates in and out of campus expressed their opinions and discussed with the professors. The atmosphere of the whole day was active and everyone benefited a lot.


Conference site Q&A session.

The conference was funded by the Hunan Provincial key programs of international and regional cooperation in science and technology innovation focused on R & D projects:“Research on Multi-modal Physiological Signal Emotion Recognition for Users with Virtual Experiences” (2018WK2032).After the meeting, experts from various countries will conduct a three-day seminar on the core technical issues of the project.