活动预告 |“新工科 新设计”国际论坛

Transmedia, Reality and Experience


New Engineering New Design International Seminar


School of Design, Hunan University


    The reality has been represented in such various forms from virtual, augmented, mixed to tangible. The emerging technologies from multimedia to transmedia are enabling designers with incredible possibility to re-shape the interactive experience between the human, the artifact and the world we live in. Meanwhile let us reflect the relationship and its meaning between the reality and the experience. In this seminar, we invite five researchers and practitioners from Finland, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy and USA/China to share their perspectives. We would like to organize it in a more compact but dedicated way that each people will have a short presentation, then following with a concrete panel discussion. We hope the conversation could bring us some food for thought at this point. Welcome all students, educators and friends from industries to join us.



Lily Diaz-Kommonen

Professor of New Media, Department of Media, Aalto University


    Lily Diaz-Kommonen is the full professor of new media at Aalto University. She is also responsible for the Doctoral Studies in the Media Lab Helsinki. Among her significant research projects include the Raisio Archeology Archive created as part of the Illuminating History Through the Eyes of Media project funded by the Academy of Finland; the Digital Facsimile of the Map of Mexico 1550 project that received First Prize in the Nabi Digital Storytelling International Competition of Intangible Heritage organized by Art Center Nabi in South Korea and UNESCO; the Interactive Virtual Reality Installation of the Pavilion of Finland at the 1900 World Fair in Paris developed as part of the TEKES funded HandsOn project; and the Interactive Virtual Reality Installation of Vrouw Maria, that was awarded a Special Mention of the Jury in the research category of the 2015 Europa Nostra digital cultural heritage competition. She has written over 90 publications in areas related to art, design, heritage and new media, including Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity and Culture, a Routledge anthology published in 2016 co-edited and co-authored with Ulrik Ekman, Jay David Bolter, Morten Sondegaard and Maria Engberg and Adaptation and Convergence of Media an Aalto Arts volume co-edited and co-authored with Magda Dragu, and Leena Eilittä published in 2018. 

      Lily Diaz-Kommonen是阿尔托大学新媒体教授,负责赫尔辛基媒体实验室的博士研究指导工作。她的主要研究项目包括由芬兰科学院资助的“从媒体之眼启发历史”项目之“拉伊西奥考古档案”;她的“墨西哥地图1550的数字摹本”项目获得由韩国那比艺术中心与联合国教科文组织联合主办的非物质遗产数字化讲述国际竞赛一等奖;由芬兰国际技术局资助的实践项目“1900巴黎世博会芬兰馆交互式虚拟现实装置”;交互式虚拟现实装置Vrouw Maria获2015年欧罗巴古文明保护数字联盟数字文化遗产竞赛研究类单元评委会特别奖。她在艺术、设计、文化遗产与新媒体领域撰写了超过90个出版物,包括2016年由纽约罗德里奇出版社出版的合著《普适计算、复杂性与文化》,和2018年在《阿尔托艺术论丛》合编合著《媒体的适应与聚合》。

Ron Wakkary

Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University

Professor, Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology



    Ron Wakkary is a professor in design in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University in Canada where he founded the Everyday Design Studio ( In addition, he is a professor and Chair of Design for More Than Human-Centered Worlds in the Future Everyday Cluster in Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.  Wakkary’s research investigates the changing nature of design and human-computer interaction in response to new understandings of human-technology relations and posthumanism. He aims to reflectively create new design exemplars, theory, and emergent practices to generously and expansively shape and understand ways of designing that are more accountable, sustainable, and equitable. Wakkary is the author of the book Things We Could Design for more than Human-Centered Worlds (MIT Press, 2021), a critical and creative speculation on how posthumanist design enables a world in which humans share center stage with nonhumans, with whom we are entangled.

      Ron Wakkary是加拿大西蒙弗雷泽大学交互艺术与技术学院设计教授,创建了“日常设计工作室”(。他也是荷兰埃因霍温技术大学工业设计的“未来日常”研究团队的“为超越以人为中心的世界”讲席教授。Wakkary的研究主要探究设计与人机交互不断变化的本质,以回应人与技术关系在后人文主义时代的新理解。他致力于反思性地创造设计范例、理论和新兴实践,以慷慨与广阔地塑造和理解更负责、可持续和平等的设计方式。Wakkary的新书《为超越以人为中心的世界而设计的事物》2021年由麻省理工学院出版社出版,是一本关于后人文主义设计如何能为人与非人更好共享世界的批判性与创造性思索专著。


Nick Bryan-Kinns

Professor of Interaction Design, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London

Distinguished Professor in Wuhan University of Technology



    Nick Bryan-Kinns is the full professor of Interaction Design, director of the Media and Arts Technology Centre, a leader of the AI and Music Centre, and the director of International Joint Ventures in Queen Mary University of London. His research explores new approaches to the creation of interactive technologies for media and arts through Interaction Design techniques. It impacts the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Creative Computing, and Design. His research has made audio engineering more accessible and inclusive, championed the design of sustainable and ethical IoT and wearables, and engaged rural and urban communities with physical computing through craft and cultural heritage. Bryan-Kinns is also a Distinguished Professor in Wuhan University of Technology and a Guest Professor in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Bryan-Kinns is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Senior Member of the Association of Computing Machinery, and is a recipient of ACM and BCS Recognition of Service Awards.

      Nick Bryan-Kinns是英国伦敦大学玛丽女王学院电气工程与计算机科学学院交互设计正教授,英国工程与自然科学基金会和艺术与人文基金会共同资助的媒体与艺术技术研究中心主任,国际联合风险基金主任。他的研究主要是通过交互设计技术探索媒体与艺术互动技术创新形式。其成果对人机交互、创意计算和设计产生影响。他的研究使声音工程更具可及性和包容性,优化可持续和伦理性物联网与可穿戴设计,通过手工艺与文化遗产促使城市与农村社区参与物理计算。Nick Bryan-Kinns也是武汉理工大学杰出教授,华中科技大学访问教授,英国计算机学会会士,美国计算机协会创造力、认知与艺术分委会主席等。


Benjamin L. Bacon

Associate Professor of Media and Arts, Duke Kunshan University


    Benjamin Bacon is currently Associate Professor of Media and Art and Director of Signature Work at Duke Kunshan University. He is also a lifetime fellow at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Bacon is the co-founder of DOGMA Lab, a trans-disciplinary design lab based in Shanghai, China, and co-founded RAWR! Lab a design incubator based in Caochangdi, Beijing. Bacon is an inter-disciplinary artist, designer and musician that works at the intersection of computational design, networked systems, data, sound, installation and mechanical sculpture. He has held positions in a number of universities, include Assistant Professor of Computational and Media Design at Parsons School of Design, Director of BFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design, Manager of Technology at the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, Assistant Professor of Art at New York University Shanghai, Foreign expert and Professor of Computational and Media Design at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), Adjunct Professor and Thesis Advisor at Roy Ascott Technoetic Art Program at Detao (SIVA). Additionally, he has held a two-year research position at Nokia Research Center Growth Economies Lab.

      Benjamin Bacon现任昆山杜克大学媒体与艺术副教授,“代表作工作室”主任,也是荷兰鹿特丹“V2不稳定媒体实验室”长期伙伴,上海融学科设计实验室DOGMA和北京草场地设计孵化器RAWR! Lab联合创始人。Bacon教授是一位跨学科艺术家、设计师和音乐家。他的工作主要包括计算型设计、网络系统、数据、声音、装置和机械雕塑的结合。他曾任职多个大学,包括帕森斯设计学院、上海纽约大学和上海视觉艺术学院等。他还曾受聘于诺基亚研究中心增长经济体实验室。


Francesco Galli

Professor in Adaptive Leadership and Creative Thinking, IULM University

Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization IULM University



    Dr. Francesco Galli is the Professor and Researcher in Leadership and Creative thinking, IULM university Milan, Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumption, and the Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization. He received his Phd in Design Leadership from Politecnico di Milano, and worked there from 2003 to 2017 before he joined IULM. His research on critical thinking lie at the interception between Leadership, Power, Creative and Cultural Industries and International Networks, with focus on Asia and South America. Some of his recent research has been published in his book “Design” is POWER. the Dark Side: Critical Thinking through Negotiation, Politics and Leadership (2020). He was also the visiting professor of Gd. Goenka University (New Delhi, India), Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (Beijing, China), UAI Adolfo Ibáñez University (Santiago, Chile), Tsinghua University Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China), Unisinos (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Universidad de Valparaíso (Valparaíso, Chile) and Hunan University (Changsha, China). 

      Francesco Galli博士是意大利米兰语言传媒自由大学商业、法律、经济与消费系适应性领导力与创造性思维教授,及国际合作校长代表。他获得米兰理工学院设计领导力博士学位,并在2003至2017年期间在那里工作。他的研究主要在领导力、权利、创意文化产业和国际化网络中的批判性思维,尤其聚焦亚洲和南美洲。部分最新的研究发表在他的新书《设计是权利。暗面:谈判、政治与领导力中的批判性思维》(2020)。他还是印度Gd. Goenka大学、北京服装学院、智利UAI Adolfo Ibáñez大学、清华大学深圳研究生院、巴西Unisinos大学、智利 Valparaíso大学和湖南大学等访问教授。

Host: Wei Wang, Professor, Hunan University


时间:September 17, 2021 9-11 PM (Beijing Time, GMT +8)

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Schedule 时间表

9:00 – 9:05 Opening and greeting 开幕

9:05 – 10:15 Presentation: Prof. Lily Diaz-Kommonen, Prof. Ron Wakkary, Prof. Nick Bryan-Kinns, Prof. Benjamin L. Bacon, Prof. Benjamin L. Bacon, Prof. Francesco Galli 专家依次发言

10:15 – 10:55 Panel discussion 圆桌讨论

10:55 – 11:00 Adjourn 闭会

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