Zhou Wen

Zhou Wen, teacher. Teacher of the School of Design and Art, Hunan University, China, Master of Science at Bolton University, UK. In 1992, he graduated from the Fine Arts Education Department of Hunan Normal University in China. In 1993, he entered the art photography major of Hunan Normal University in China and began to stepping into the door of photography. He has been engaged in photography for more than ten years. Over a decade, more than 100 works have been published in Chinese youth, Chinese women, workers' newspapers, middle school students and other newspapers and magazines. At the same time, he has won many awards in national competitions. His recent great achievements: In 2003,  won the second prize and the third prize in the Changsha National Photography Competition. In 2003, the folk art master "Cut Flower Lady - Ku Shulan". In 2004, Changsha City Yuelu District Government Exhibition Hall shooting project. In 2005, published the "Basic Photography Course for Colleges and Universities". In 2005 "Changsha Today" the picture album was published.

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Management, borrowing and maintenance of basic photography teaching equipment throughout the school;

  • Public education platform basic photography class darkroom of the whole school experiment teaching guidance;

  • Commercial photography laboratory equipment and item management, borrowing, maintenance;

  • Photographic Center Commercial Photography Laboratory filming experimental teaching counseling;

  • Photographic laboratory equipment in the photography center, the management of the consumption of materials and materials;

  • Fire prevention, safety and sanitation of the experimental site, and reports the accident to the leader in time;

  • Completing works assigned by the relevant departments of the school and the leadership of the school.